Politics 2017


Still baffles the ■■■■ out of me how they think James’ is a good location when there’s plenty of room at Blanch and more accessible to cars.


Well ask Leo, he made ‘the Decision’ to finalise the location. Here is a list of Leo’s achievements to date. Source Leo’s propaganda team.

“As Minister for Transport he made the decision to go ahead with the Luas cross city works, as Minister for Health he organised the Gathering and expanded the GP cards for under 6s and over 68s. He also made the final decision on the National Children’s Hospital.”

He made the decision on the las cross city to the detriment of Metro north, he organised the shakedown and made a big decision to locate a childrens hospital with limited parking in one of the most congested areas of Dublin. Well done leo.

Another big achievement of Leos was to reduce the VAT rate for the hospitality sector, if you talk to any hotelier or anyone in the hospitality sector and they’ll say that’s one of the major reasons they can attract overseas visitors to Ireland.

Great Leo because your party was able to this while taxing the bollox out of the rest of us.


I’m all for criticism of our politicians but it seems like you’re just slating him for the sake of it. Metro north was never going to happen. The children’s hospital should have been build rains ago, the location might not be perfect but by jaysus it’s better than another decade procrastination.


I would disagree with that Tayto and its an unfair accusation to make. Leo deserves his criticism as much as any other politician in the last decade. Yes The children hospital should have been built years ago and Connolly was the perfect location with ample parking and access if it was solely Leo’s decision well he might live to regret that one. And why wasn’t Metro north never going to happen? If they could spend the guts of a billion with Irish water they surely could have made a dent on that.


Metro north was costed at 2.4 billion originally, would realistically have cost 4 or 5 times that as we seem incapable of bringing a project home on budget.


Metro North is back on the agenda since 2015 (after Leo’s term!)

Supposed to go for public consultation over the route in 2018.


Metro North is a red herring and a waste of money. With the distances in question, good traffic management (properly structured bus corridors and rights of way in particular) and sufficient buses would be much more cost effective.


Disagree. I think every possible Public Transport project should be started including Metro North. Traffic levels are at a maximum thats not sustainable.


I’m not sure adding a Metro will help to be honest.

We need a congestion charge. The amount of single passenger journeys into town every morning is ridiculous. I would guess the maximum travel time from the M50 to the city centre along all the main artery routes by bus lane to be 30/ 40 mins, we need to push people from cars on to a functioning public transport system.


Yeah id agree with getting people to use PT more and where possible out of cars. Its nearly an impossible task.


Dublin Airport must be one of the very few capital city airports in Europe without a direct rail link to it’s city centre.


An extra tunnel in the DPC for a train and bob was your uncle … alas …


I would wonder how far the airport is from the city centre in comparison to other capitals.


Dublin is a huge sprawl for a city of its population size.
I’ve a half-hour, or so, to kill here before the week’s end. Think I’ll have a wiki-wander.


Run a rail spur from Clongriffin to the airport, would cost a fraction of Metro North.


Impacting upon capacity along an already busy commuter and inter-city line as well as Connoly, Tara St and Pearse Stations.


Do tourists or commuters really need to get from the airport to town quicker? It hardly takes an hour at the moment.

I see the not very subtle comments from the Coveney camp. We might see some action yet.


Places like Finglas, Ballymun, and Santry need a metro as much as Tallaght, Sandyford, and Dundrum etc. If the airport was Sside this would have been done and dusted. The money to build it was there, structural funding and owners’ advance etc, it would then have payed itself off. It also would have built quicker and with much less disruption than the line currently being built which Fine Gael went with despite all their talk of lack of funding when they cancelled MN, and despite the fact MN construction was ready to rock after years of planning, delays, and public consultation - and all the resources that had gone into that.

FG just rejected it as a snub to FF, and FF were in their weakest ever position so couldn’t argue it in any meaningful way. Also I think after the 2011 election Dub Northwest and NCentral had very few FG TDs.


There was the small matter of a financial crisis recently, where the country was almost bankrupt … thanks to FF, to say FG cancelled the metro, just tto snub FF is wide is well wide of the mark.


FF had one Dublin TD after the 2011 election - the late Brian Lenehan - so who was being snubbed? :thinking: