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In fairness, I loved his appearances in Croke Park in Sept '13 and Oct '16. I’ll miss those.


You may all hate them but the independents have done more, in terms of whistle-blowers etc than the rest of the parties put together in the last few years. Read Oliver Callanan in the Irish Times for an unparalleled critique of Inda.


An unparalleled critique … from a guy who does poor impressions … yeah can’t wait …

Also add in a few things before you say etc there please Iomaint. One thing and then etc is more than a tad weak.


You’d want to be on top of your game here with Dub09 checking you posts! I think Callan is a very good mimic but his material is poor. He’s actually a better writer than most of the Irish Times bores put together.




I’m always amazed at how disparaging people are of independents, tacitly implying if not openly stating that only ‘proper’ politicians can do the job. Lest we forget, the politicians of FF and FG have run the place since the foundation of the state. How has that worked out when you consider the issues with: the church, the guards, the health service, the general infrastructure - water system, housing, roads, bus services, etc etc.


Good post TL.


Very true TL…but it would be very interesting to see if a government of independents would be able to function. Do you need a party line to keep the whole thing coherent?


I’m not sure if it would function is the honest answer. But it’s something that we should at least consider, rather than discount as being entirely impossible or what’s worse, is often presented as somehow an irrational idea.

And by function, do we mean merely continuing as is? If so, then probably not, which is exactly what we would be saying we want by dint of returning such a government. * scratches head *

The party line or the whip system ‘works’ in that it makes people vote a certain way, which can often be against their principles and very possibly opposite to what they campaigned on or canvassed votes for. Which isn’t very democratic at all at all, Joe.

I would imagine negotiating a programme for government for a government of indies would be challenging, as they say.


The issue with independents is that they’re a mixed bag and unless they form a party it impossibly to see how they could govern. Mick bleedin Wallace is one example to counter the yang of the most competent example of ying.


A number of Garda issues opened to the public, same with NAMA, corruption, resisting water charges (IE the privatisation of our water service)…that’s not a bad start!


Looking at Ross and Zappone might be the closest we could get to what a cabinet of independents might look like. Are they doing a good job or even holding back the worst tendencies of FG?

I suppose the American government is an example of a cabinet of independents. Their ministers are not usually elected politicians but would still toe the line set by the president. At least then you should get people who have some expertise in the area instead of being teachers and children of politicians.


This argument is bullshit with due respect. A number of teachers have been Minister for Education and they have been totally shit at it. Reilly and Varadker are doctors. How is the health service these days?

A person’s job does not qualify them to run a government department. All politicians are cut from the same cloth. Their only concern is getting elected and not having to go back to the real world. Their job is irrelevant to how good they might be as ministers.


Only issue I have with all the above @Iomaint is will anything be done about them. Current government giving lip service as usual, while FF sit on their Thóin.


Yea - You’ve got to admire a guy who only takes the industrial wage, gives the rest to his mates /party, thus qualifies for free legal aid (free to him but paid for by the taxpayer) and gets himself a senior counsel along with his 6 buddies for a 6 week trial. I’d imagine the legal aid bill will run to a good few years wages for me at least. Yeah … power to the people …


I rarely agree with any of your posts but I do with this. Politicians seem to treat this as grab as much as you can and ■■■■ the great unwashed. A few optics here and there to look like your doing something. Varadker + Reilly failed miserably, Reilly got slaughtered but but Leo got away with murder. I’ll be fucking sick sick sick when I’ll see enda Jenny’s daughter been bounced on shoulders after she has won his seat and all the two faced sound bites that will accompany it.


Reilly was an abrasive personality and totally deserved the flack he got, didn’t seem like varadkar was there anything like as long? The problem is no one can fix the health service imho - you could out the smartest person in the country in there and it would still be a mess.


No it was double standards. Harney (at least she genuinely tried to do something as she asked for the health brief in two successive terms) and Michael Martin got dogs abuse. Its a poison chalice I agree, but Saint Leo waltz in done ■■■■ all and in fact left more people on hospital beds, he was there for long enough considering he took the brief midway through a shuffle, same party same policies… What did the media do? Diddly. Only Collette Brown wrote an article criticising him. My point here is that Leo has bluffed his way though the every portfolio he was in. Not saying he is stupid obviously an very intelligent man considering he as medical degree, but he doesn’t give a flying ■■■■ about anyone. Its simply all a little game of thrones for him. I’d have rich boy coveny over him any fecking day.


Looking like it’s going to be Leo :mask:

His campaign seems to have the momentum of a Runaway Freight Train.*

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And he has the full backing of the media with Indo and Times more or less supporting him. They are listing of all his achievements like the location of the children hospital. That itself is going to have a lasting legacy. Well we ill see how long that Fine Gael government last with their supply and agree and deal with Fianna Fail.