Politics 2017


FFS… A glass of vino too many. :blush:


Beeko I hear ya


I’d be no fan of Enda but his election or the the expectations the his daughter might take his seat has nothing to do with the Civil War. He took his fathers seat and the father had been elected based on his GAA background- he played with Mayo for almost 20 years from the early thirties winning 6 NFL medals (in a row) and one All Ireland - and not which side he took in 1922 in fact Endas father would have only been about 8 or 9 years of age when the Civil War happened.
I agreed with you that Dail seats being held in families is wrong but from parties point of view if there is a chance of holding seat numbers they are prepared to allow it to happen which is another example of what is wrong in Irish politics.


Very interesting but I think it’s Beeko you need to talk to. He at least admits being on the vino!


Yeah it lessens the chance of real quality like Wallace, Murphy and Coppinger coming through …


Ok… I’ll throw in the generation before that too… and the generation after the one currently in place… and the one after that, again…


It is because of the stagnation of Fianna Fail and Fine Gael that has created the vacuums filled by the likes of Wallace and Coppinger, etc… fair point, nonetheless.


Of course welcome to Ireland. She will be voted in on the first count. It’s a family business.


Yeah whats worse? A posh boy socialist, a very bad mullet wearing tax dodging wexican or a possible nepotist elected daddy’s girl to the dail? Joke shop.


It’s gas listening to all the no-hopers and nobodies extolling the virtues of their preferred candidate on RTE Radio 1. All eager to make a name for themselves in order to gain access to the trough.

Q: Why are you backing X…?

A: Eh…


All as bad as each other. Only here could property developers play a role in the crash and end up elected to the Dail


What about Trump??!?


Every dark cloud has a silver lining


Mind the door on the way out …


and stay out. Will not be sorry to see that back of that lad. Jesus its been a good week with him and Edna parting ways with the gravy trough.


Don’t worry they’ll be replaced by equally gormless yokes. At least Kenny wasn’t corrupt. Looking at the goings on stateside, at least we have that much.


Corrupt or Inept

That’s your basic FF v FG choice right there…


hard to know which is worse. still people complain about FF & FG but i don’t see any other credible option sadly.


Its a fair point regarding Kenny not been corrupt. But still I am glad to see the back of him.


Me also