Politics 2017


he was minister for health previously? Impossible job. Coveney hasn’t exactly solved the housing crisis (impossible to solve in the time he has held that job to be fair).


What about Pascal Donohoe - he seems decent enough. I’m in his constituency and at least he calls regularly. He’s like a Fine Gael Bertie. Varadker is a big bag of wind.


Pascal nice but dim Donohoe?


Mary Mitchell-O’Connor anyone?

Huge Cuala fan…

Great at the auld parking too!


Enda Kenny - real Mayo stock, promises more than he delivers. Credit for his speech that time re the church and its handling of the abuse etc, but he corroded some of that goodwill by pretty much doing nothing to back the rhetoric up.

Both declared FG candidates are c*nts, but Varadkar’s recent welfare cheats episode shows his real colours. Think he might win but you’d wonder if FG, still the most rural/ conservative of parties, will have him as leader.


Maybe HE was the curse all along :astonished:


I’d rather eat my own limbs than listen to his patronising tones. I pray the prick stays away from it.


In general, the Blueshirts are a joke. They get in now and then if the people want to punish FF. Think of the number of clowns…Inda , .Michael Ring-piece, Mary Mitchell-O’C, Leo with his crusade against the poor, Coveney who can’t count the houses that he hasn’t built. Jesus wept. I don’t think the Soldiers of Destiny’s will support them for much longer though.


Show me a credible alternative … there’s your problem right there.


Well if you’re a Soldier of Destiny you’re probably praying he wins it!


And? Well Leo done enough talking how he would solve it and done nothing. He done such a good job he was hand social protection. Coveney while I don’t think is any great shakes doesn’t 'sound bite ’ as much Leo.


I’d take paschal any day over the other two.


Fair enough, personally think he’s overachieved for his intellect.


Who paschal? Maybe so. Just can stomach him more than the others.


There’ll be ■■■■ all done in housing now for a few weeks, then it’s the summer recess, then a bedding in process for the new guy. Good job there isn’t a crisis.


Inda’s daughter geing lined up to take his seat? F#cking hate the inability of the big parties to offer chances to anyone except the grandsons and granddaughters and grandnieces and grandnephews of Civil Ear heroes.


I hear you!


Sorry lads, but WTF is a civil ear hero?


Eamon Deafalera?


Alimentary my dear Watson …