Politics 2017


I’ll always celebrate racists & fascists losing. There’s no guarantee lepen will be in a position to challenge in the next one, the republicans blew that election by selecting a candidate who was a clear front runner until his corruption scandal.


Disagree Le Pen could win next time around. She was beaten in every age demographic and lost every French Department (Counties in Irish context) bar 2 out of over 100. More people abstained than voted for Le Pen.


She hadn’t a prayer. Hasn’t a prayer in the future either. . Trumpism has been firmly rejected in Europe. Brexit is the Brits being the Brits. France, Holland and Austria have all rejected the far right. Germany will too. Donald and the Brits can have each other.


It might not be Le Pen next time. The name is toxic. If LFN replace her, they could do better. He could make a total balls of it.


Wait till you see this wolf in sheeps clothing’s plans for employment law. I can guarantee if he gets what he wants and it dominos throughout Europe,no ones job will be safe. This clown is a very dangerous individual and everyone would want to be on guard. Id advise anyone who’s interested to look up his plans for the destruction of workers rights in France.


As opposed to a Fascist like Le Pen I’m sure the workers would have been quite safe under her…


Who’s job is safe now or has been over the last 30 years? I’ve had loads of jobs over my working life and the only people I know who had safe jobs were government employees. I’ve never been in a union and I find it bizarre that people with secure and well paid jobs can go on strike, have annual conferences and generally act the ballox.It’s like there are two tribes in Ireland. I’m not complaining, I work in construction and I like it, but I’ve never been as well paid as the usual whingers like teachers and the rest of the usual malcontents. If you think Macron will be bad for workers what exactly would Le Pen do for them?


Exactly, the whole eu project was in danger from her. Leaving the euro alone came with a high multi-billion dollar price tag. How was she going to find that particular flag waving folly?


Darth Putin strikes again


But does this mean that 35% of French people are fascists?


I wouldn’t say so, she has toned down her rehtoric enough to lure in some disenfranchised votes


Phillipe Auclair :clap::clap::clap:


Hitler took a hammering in the elections in the early 1930s. Just saying…


indeed and he showed what happens when you elect fascists - the french know better than most.


The british press really do smack of desperation, touting every election as the potential end of the EU, they really want others to follow their utterly illogical route out.


Inda finally announces he going. New FG leader by June Bank Holiday weekend. Will be Taoiseach for another week or two after that.


THANK FCUK for that…


Imagine this was the year Mayo broke their curse and him not Taoiseach :grin: (We all pray they won 't though)


While he is a plank whats to come is worse. Though I would prefer Coveny as the lesser of two evils. Varadker is a bluffer. The biggest bluffer that has done ■■■■ all in all the portfolios he was in.


Coveney by far the best of a bad bunch