Politics 2017


Fake News!!


Do you get those little voices in your head too??


It’s a premonition, just you wait and see ('enry 'iggins!)


There’s a case for stupid fuckers like this losing the right to vote for a certain period of time


If there were mandatory IQ tests or even tests of basic awareness of the body politic carried out at polling stations, many people would lose the vote! It was only after the Brexit vote was carried, that the British people began to Google the E.U. to find out what they had just voted to leave!


Congratulations love, you’ve succeeded in pissing my off you f*cking mongo.


Delighted to see France reject fascism, an unknown wins with over 65% of the vote.


Fùck the Fascists :clap:

Vive La France :+1:


Ooooh someone sounds upset :joy:


Putin failed


Couldn’t have said it better myself


Well indeed, bankers are at least two steps up the ladder from nazis, just below rats.


Seems politics the world over is about voting to keep the one you don’t want out, more so than voting in the one you do you want. If that makes sense.


It seems politics is not exactly attracting the best and brightest, looks at the choices facing the U.K. electorate. Grim & grimer. Look at the choice given to the us. I don’t know much about this macron guy but to win an election the way he has done, is pretty remarkable.


I think it’s more a reflection of the fragmentation of society than the quality of the candidate. The race to appease vocal minority groups, has eroded the middle ground. People are struggling with identity and to express an opposing opinion to the inclusive agenda is not tolerated .
I would be cautious in celebrating Macrons election, mainly because he has a very hard road ahead of him, at a bad time, and will have to be exceptionally successful to prevent a le pen wiping the floor with him next time around.Will the EU enable him, I can’t see it, and even if they do, will they do it quick enough.


Yup if there was a nuclear war tomorrow you could be sure cockroaches, rats and bankers would survive.


When the CEO of Coillte earns more than the Taoiseach you aren’t going to attract many top calibre people to politics …


Is the CEO of Coillte top calibre?


Enda is on €185,000, T May gets £149,000 , Trump/US Presudent gets $400,000. CEO Coillte salary is capped at €191,000. Enda is good quality plank though …


No, he’s dead wood imo!