Politics 2017


The Syrian regime are saying they inadvertently bombed a storehouse which had the chemical weapons. Likely story.
Assad makes no differentiation between Syrian Opposition fighters and IS and the civilians caught in between. I am convinced that this was Moscow’s response to the St Petersburg bombings even though those bombings had nothing to do with anywhere in the middle-east.


What the actual f**k? Compo culture drives this shite on


If they rule against her getting costs their buddies unlikely to get paid …


Kerry, Ireland’s shame


Trump showing some backbone? I wonder will he now allow Syrian refugees, fleeing Assad’s brutal regime, into the US.


Backbone? Lobbing a few million quids worth of missiles at an airfield?

He tweeted in the past slagging Obama saying that his ratings are so low, he’ll probably bomb Libya or Iran … the oldest trick in the book for american presidents to boost their approval rates, the yanks love a good bombing.

Trump is so worried about Syrian Children of course, they are helping so much with the refugee crisis they have helped to create.


Like you, I put a question mark after the word “backbone”. :wink:

He warned Obama to “stay the hell out of Syria” in 2013.

Crude oil prices have risen by 1.6% since close of business yesterday - a fact that will please both Trump and Putin, no doubt.


We can add drink driving apologists to their eagle poisoners and handshakers of rapists tags.


No. Everything else has failed. Bomb someone. He had previously given Assad Carte blanche to do what he wanted.


And ignorant ■■■■ aswell. An embarrassing joke shop he is.


This pi$$es me off greatly


This may get worse. I heard that the names of all killed will be put on the wall going forward as anniversaries occur. This will include Black and Tans.


I assume it was done at night . This may mean cameras being installed - very sad . The place has improved enormously over the years , a lot of good work .


Seems to me it should never have been built in the first place revisionism gone mad.a wall built in glasnevin cemetery to commemorate those who inflicted the will of the British empire upon the oppressed.it’s wrong and an insult to many including myself whose loved ones are buried there.remember many died a premature death because of those willing enforcers of a brutal regime.glasnevin cemetery is not the place for such a wall.i do not condone vandalism.


My eyes hurt from reading that, can you please use capital letters and punctuation buddy? :+1:


Certainly .


Mr Bruton must have a buddy in mind for the job.


500,000 a year. ffs.


Noonan the best friend of the financial services. They will erect a statue yet to that fucker. Deplorable man.


What !