Political Correctness... Too far, or absolutely correct?


Most of these lads are Irish citizens. There willl be no deporting them.


What exactly are they doing? Shame on mainstream Irish media for their non reporting of this


Surely that’s an observation for the “Criminality gone too far “ thread


163 messages on a thread about political correctness and nobody’s mentioned the Roma yet. Is this an internet record?

*Lights the blue touch paper and stands well clear :firecracker:


What does my local chipper have to do with this?


Roma in Saggart do a lovely chips and battered sauggages.


Are we saying that a roma didn’t get a sniff here?


I’ll never eat out of a Roma chipper again. One day I was in there and the ■■■■■■■ behind the counter just assumed I wanted salt and vinegar. I was so offended. We need to stand up to this discrimination


It’s was probably the way you were dressed…just asking for it.


What have the Romans ever done for us?


My daughter said to me this morning on the way to school when she saw a female police officer, ‘Look daddy, there a woman policeman’ :joy:



This is from a woman who drove down the steps outside the Dáil.


Well blokes will be able to do it now too.




I heard a news report this evening about men, women and children having a ten minute fight and trashing a hotel in Clare. No ethnicity was mentioned. However the Clarehurlers forum confirmed that it was indeed people who are members of a separate ethnic group. The news report didn’t mention this. Hmmm.


I seen the video of it earlier.

Classy folk!!


You’d know by the video who they are. The accents… No surprise to be fair!


Where is the Garda enquiry? The referrals to Tusla? Not a word. The next Casey that comes along will get even more votes.


Damm Culchies!!


The black vest seems to be very en vogue for them in Autumn '18.