Political Correctness... Too far, or absolutely correct?


think its a fair deal for taking in our favorite blogger.


I tried it once but broke out in a rash!!!


Where are you going with this?


And where is your outrage about the white lad who stabbed another white lad on the Dart home last week? Or the two Tallaght scuts who viciously attacked 2 Donegal pensioners last month? Thanks all the same, but I’ll leave the cherry picking of individual crimes based on people’s skin colour to the likes of Nigel Farage, Donald Trump & Fox News


Portuguese you mean considering Portugal was the colonial ruler of Brazil.


They all look the same to me.


You are misinformed about the Dart incident.


Where I am going is this. The title of this thread is political correctness gone too far. There are Nigerian gangs from Balbriggan assaulting and attacking people, on and off, for the last year at least. I thought I’d give it a mention. It is kept off almost all media for some reason. I’m sure others on here are aware of it too


It’s very true sadly. There are rival gangs of them too and the Gardai are struggling to contain them. It’s appalling. But it’s nothing to do with skin colour, there are rival gangs in Finglas too, all white skinned.

The problem arises that the local media are afraid to report on it in case they are accused of racism, and I was told this by a chap who writes for the Northside people. I was also told Paul Reynolds did an investigative piece on it, but RTE pulled the rug from under him. You’re going to have to believe me on this I’m afraid as I can offer no proof!


And THAT, is the problem. There is no equality if these crimes are not reported. Ask the Swedes.


Unfortunately it is true. People who approached some councillors on Fingal County Council were basically told to take a hike.

On more light hearted not on whole PC thing, came across this:


Positivity guru :sweat_smile:


Those thugs should be booted out of this country.


I think you’ll find most of them are Irish citizens so the solution may have to be more imaginative. Maybe something like better integration …


Maybe whiteface?


He was talking about the Finglas gangs!


Yes we need to integrate them with postcodes other than D 11.


What spectacular bullshit. Maybe stop pretending it is happening. Investigate why it is being kept hush hush. And gaol the little bastards.


But but but but …


Willl that involve free houses? Maybe they can be shipped down to Tipp as the new houses down there are unwanted.

Integration of lowlifes does not work…there was a family from Moyross in Limerick moved to a Mayo town a few years ago and they caused hell…they were eventually removed when locals threatened to take the law into their own hands.