Political Correctness... Too far, or absolutely correct?


I wonder what the level of employment for 2nd generation African-Irish is? As always the solution is better education but as with all sectors of society there will be some who don’t place much, if any, emphasis on it


You are totally surmising there. Put up some evidence. Either way there are free language classes etc available, and have been for years. You’d find an excuse for anything at this stage:

Crime? Disadvantaged childhood.
Laziness? Disability.
Rape? Lack of sex education
Murder? Mental health issues
Non-payment of tax? Ignorance of tax rules
No tv licence? TV is broken
Non-picking up of dog shit? Not my dog
Skipping queues? I’m entitled to skip the queue.

You are brilliant at it. Did you ever consider setting up as an Avoidance of Responsibility Consultant?





Couldn’t agree more but what about the odd poached egg in a coddle ?


Listen you. We warned you about that kind of talk before. :facepunch:


And that is our problem, how exactly?

We are not an ex colonial power and these people have no claim whatsoever upon us. Besides that, while people from Sudan and Congo and some others have genuine asylum claims, the vast majority of Africans here are from a part of a country that has no domestic situation that justifies them seeking asylum.

Apart from that, the ironically titled Dublin convention on refugees stated that asylum seekers had to apply in the first safe country they land in. Pretty much excludes Ireland and our neighbour!


I never said it was our problem, or our fault. Just offering up possible demographic/socio-economic reasons as to why fewer people from Africa are able to hit the ground running jobs wise, as soon as they step off the plane.

Or maybe they’re all just useless, lazy fcukers? :roll_eyes:


They are no different to any of the rest of us, and should not be treated any differently for good or bad.

I have met people from absolute hells like Congo and Sudan and they are deserving of asylum, no doubt. The others, not so much. Nigeria and south Africa for example are democracies. Corrupt to their back teeth and dangerously high levels of criminality. But there are no wars or other crises to justify them claiming to be fleeing anything.

Same applies to Syrians. Whole emotional thing was to save them and yet very few Syrians have gotten in here. Most of those who landed under that flag are from parts of Asia.


Don’t believe I ever said they should receive special treatment. Just offering up possible reasons why some immigrants are better equipped for life in Ireland and others are not.

Look at us and our history of emigration. When there was mass emmigration to the UK from Ireland in the 1950’s-80’s, how many of those pouring off the boats at Hollyhead were poorly educated brick layers, or farm labourers? How many of them were doctors or physics professors? The former probably outnumbered the latter 50-1.

Which ones were most likely to wind up in social housing, go on the dole, receive ample social welfare payments from Her Maj & which ones were most likely to have the Emertius professorship in Oxford & the five bedroom house in Cheltenham boxed off by the time they were 45?


The brickies probably didnt get the professorship, but id say alot of them had 5 bedroom houses before long at the rates them feckers charge!


That I would guess is mainly the result of EU membership and job opportunities.


and considering we are at full employment very much needed


How come we have so many Brazilians - not complaining btw …

Presume most have dual Spanish citizenship?!




Presume most Brazilians are on student visas and the vast majority leave when they expire.

Some do marry to secure citizenship of an EU country.


When they die or the visas?



Anyway i’m going home to watch Blazing Saddles.


You think I’m defending rape by pointing out that most of Africa is economically deprived?

Jesus, that’s a new low, even for you.

I take back what I said last night about no here saying anything offensive.


I said that you would find an excuse for anything. It’s your modus operandi. Your feelings may be hurt. What about the feelings of the woman in Portmarnock when the lads from Nigeria told her they would cut up her baby? I put up the link. Why don’t you look at it and then reply? And what will your reply be? Excuses.