Political Correctness... Too far, or absolutely correct?


Land grab?


It’s not how much or how little you have that makes you great or small, but how much or how little you accomplish with what you have


Surprised no-one has linked this bit yet…


Having waded through all of the posts I suppose I shouldn’t refer to the Travelling Community as Knackers any more.
Pahvees? Itinerants? Misfits? Non Conformists? Non Tax payers? Leeches?
Correct me if I’m wrong but if this ‘ethnic minority’ decides to have their babbies in a hospital the State will accommodate them?
They are laughing their bollox off at the rest of you chumps paying for their existence.
When they step into the 20 th century (sic) and realize that education and health are paramount then there may be progress but if they are permitted to perpetuate their ‘ethnic background’ while being bolstered financially by the Government that they don’t/won’t recognise then the situation is untenable.
Too many hard working people in Ireland have worked their asses off to try and do the right thing. And for what? To watch pahvees living off the government tit. Get real folks. PC my swiss.


Depends on whether it’s a weekday or the weekend.


Research has found that African’s here are far more likely to be unemployed than other newcomers. Presumably that is the fault of the racist Irish? Now one in six people living here was not born here. One in six. We are now a huge success as a multi racial country…the research says. So that’s great then. It’s all about multi everything and making room for everyone. If you disagree, you are a racist. Simple as that. Suck it up.

P.S. you’d have to feel for Grace. No job. Social Welfare. Renting in Foxrock. A spot of murder. Free legal aid. Yes indeed.



Below description is from a video I seen on Facebook. Anyone from Ballbriggan aware of this?

“Footage we filmed from a recent protest where 700-1000 Irish residents of Balbriggan marched on the local garda station in protest against primarily violent African gangs operating in the area and terrorizing local communities. Mainstream Irish media totally blanked this massive protest as they’d rather such things swept under the mat, even some French news outlets reported on it.

Of course there were a few claiming the protest ‘‘didn’t exist’’ and that the numbers were ‘‘dramatically exaggerated’’ to try and discredit it… more lies from them. Here is the proof, does this look like 50-100 people? There was 700-1000 easily, and it will be double that next time. Please share this video around and help dispel leftist lies that this protest did not happen”


Great article. There are soooo many African immigrants in prison here for murder, I lose track of them all. Maybe we should build them their very own prison to keep them segregated from all the poor, innocent white people who are only ever behind bars for not paying their TV license? Is there a GoFundMe page we could contribute to? Maybe those awfully nice Hutch/Kinahan chaps would like to make a contribution.


Now this is offensive. Nobody wants to see this kind of thing.


On the contrary, we should take in more migrants who don’t want to work, at a time when there are lots of jobs available here. Let’s send out the navy ship L.E. Freeloader to bring them here more quickly.


Do you know what percentage of migrants who come to Ireland don’t work?


No but if you hum it I’ll join in.


I, for one, can see the health and environmental benefits of a vegan diet. The vegan way of life is not for me but I fully support anyone who wishes to make a personal choice.

This, however, is just utter nuts.


16% of Africans. On RTE this morning I think 6% overall. This is your cue to compare that to natives, yes?


No I was just genuinely curious as to what the numbers were


Fundamentalist anything are a disaster for any cause, for lack of a better word, be it religion, feminism, diet/animal rights etc.


Poor English. Eff all secondary education, never mind 3rd level, not much skills, training or qualifications to speak of. Is is any wonder more African immigrants struggle to find work compared to someone from Poland or Manchester?


At least the Africans ought to have better English than Mancunians.


You’re twisting my melon, man …


In fairness, everyone has better English than Mancunians.