Political Correctness... Too far, or absolutely correct?


No. That’s not okay. Happy Christmas is Happy Christmas. Plus cribs in hospital etc.


I have it on good authority, he prefers Mistress.


Most people in hospital like to have a good crib.


Yeah, when they’re not off their trolleys with the pain.


Well look at you, promoting the display of good Jewish role models in public places. Mazel tov.

:clap: :clap: : :clap:


This is all bollocks. And I don’t mean pussy, I mean bollocks. In Ireland, we have certain customs. If you are new, blend in. Christmas is Christmas. Its not Hannukah or Bar Mitzvah or Jehovah or anything else. Its Christmas. Turkey etc. Get on with it or dont. If you don’t want to be a man or a woman, use the wheel chair jacks. End of. All matters settled.


I read that as pub crisps. They’re probably banned too by the baying pc mob.


I knew you were a Scooby doo from day one, Shlom. Don’t be trying to misappropriate cribs.


Read the thread old bean. The discussion (about Xmas trees) was about a school in California, not here.


I know. I read it. Just want to nip that shit in the bud! Or some day, we will be playing Jedward in Croker before matches so newcomers can sing it too.


Why? Are you being circumspect?


Please! You can’t mention snips and the Jewish people in the same line!!! IT’S NOT PC!!!


Why? Is it not kosher?


Salty reply!



Ok. Here’s a good brain teaser to to bid you goodnight with.

What term frequently used in GAA match commentary is of Yiddish origin?








Ye baxtard. That was quick.

Made famous by Michel O’Hehir, who picked it up when he was in Noo Yawk.