Political Correctness... Too far, or absolutely correct?


No slagging the Vincent’s!
On of their lads helped me get the car started out in Westmanstown years ago.
The rest 100%!


Amen sister. Or brother… Whatever you prefer!


My parents have told me I can decide for myself when I reach the age of consent in Uzbekistan. :uzbekistan:


Speaking of Pc gone mad. What do yiz think of the lads burning the Grenfell tower on bonfire night? asshats that they are, they were sniggering away in the video and they’re in their 40s and from south London. You just know ignorant fucks like Clarkson think the furore about them is also “PC gone mad” etc etc.


Anyone who defends that kind of behavior should be tossed off the top of a burning building themselves and see how they like it.


Can any of them play in midfield?
Asking for a friend.


At least buy me a drink first.


You see? I think that’s hilarious, but most of the PC brigade would have a melt down at that!!!


… but which PC brigade? i don’t know anyone who would be offended by that, but i do know a lot of people who would not appreciate being called a paddy when in the UK. Who exactly are the Pc brigade?


You know, them lads, sorry, guys, sorry, people!


Where do we stand on tit for tat? Asking for a friend.




Agreed. Me neither.

We have survived winning 45 All Ireland’s, 78 leagues, 5 1/2 Resser sex changes, 19 Aido hair styles (Suffering Succotash, the corn rows, wtf was he thinking? :face_with_monocle:) Dermo’s 52 red cards, Michael Lyster leaving TSG & being replaced by a feckin’ woman, 22 Confession Box barring orders and, emerged all the stronger for it. I don’t think there is a single thing another Resser could say here, that would offend me.

But you’d want to be a special class of stupid not to realise there are certain environments where putting a sexualized spin on a joke can be inappropriate at best, or very offensive at worst.

Passing it off as harmless banter, or defending it as PC run amok, doesn’t make it any less crass or offensive. What makes us all chuckle here, won’t seem quite so funny when you are getting your bottom smacked by that nice lady in HR.



Yeah, very clever. There’s NEVER a nice lady in HR.


I am soooo glad that a letter didn’t appear at the very end there …


I dunno…

Would the PC brigade come crashing down on me if I said I’d enjoy that?


What about the bloody ICA then huh? Don’t see many men allowed to join that grouping. But ye have got into the Boy Scouts, lounge bars, golf clubs, the altar boys and nearly feckin everything else.

12 years now I’ve had my ICA application turned down.


Don’t get your knickers in a twist.


They’re underpants sir!


Or is it madam?