Political Correctness... Too far, or absolutely correct?


A few years ago…


A proud day for the judicial system and RTE. How dare these people not pay their TV license. Fat Rabbite the scourge of TV scroungers.

But in another part of the court system mitigating factors will knock off 18 months of your sentence because ‘you have turned life around’ or you had a ‘hard upbringing’. Judge I was so sad because {insert what ever pathetic excuse a barrister will have a hard neck to peddle your honour}


I’ve said it before but there is no justice system in this country…it’s a legal system and it’s corrupt to the core in my opinion…stacked heavily in favor of the criminals and legal eagles who make €€€ from a revolving door system. The victims get shafted.


155 convictions, imagine how many crimes they’ve Got away with.


Yeah, the untold violence they extracted on lots of other people. Sickening. Fuckers like that with a high volume of convictions should be given mandatory sentencing of 10 years. Id happily see taxpayers money to see these ■■■■■ punished. No reform, ■■■■ that, it’s lost on this type of mindless thug.


The court system is a joke and controlled by a small number of people who are making a fortune with delays and overload built into the system.

Most courts start around 10.00 or 10.30 with the Judge strolling in “Around that time” and almost most of the morning in some courts being taken up dealing those who have been remanded in custody overnight whilst everybody else has been ordered to be there for 10.00 just to sit through the remands.

Why can’t there be an early court that starts at 8.00 am (Like NORMAL workers) just to deal with the overnight remands and then allow the courts to clear the ever increasing backlog? The could use the newly appointed Judges to break their judicial teeth on the small stuff.



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You have hit the nail on the head there, it’s all about keeping the legal snouts in the trough,


The context of this is the sailor who was famously photographed kissing the girl whilst celebrating the end of WW2 in Time Square in New York. The famous image is now increasingly being branded as evidence of a sexual assault.




Ffs, are they going to take out Jayo for kissing thre Ref in '95 ?




Brilliant Liam!!!


Did the ref consent though? It starts with a kiss and ends with Tommy Walsh!


how he got away with that i’ll never know


It’s terrible to think that a woman could take advantage of a sailor returning from war.


It was crazy how he got away with it. Canning’s comment is hilarious ‘The Referee was just passing by” ffs



Hicks is untouchable , they can fxxk right off !


That is insane when you consider the Connolly thing and other instances.