Political Correctness... Too far, or absolutely correct?


Yeah, you make the lives of some rich people easier.


I see Kitty Holland in the Irish Times was tweeting about how racist this was, that Cash was stopped going in to the pub because she was with another traveller.

Someone then responded and pointed out a post on FB from Cash’s friend who posted about being refused and calling the bouncer a “black ■■■■■■■” … and the post had 1 like, from guess who… Mrs Cash!

You honestly couldn’t make it up.


I’m sure Kitty will be right on to that…


Depending on your political persuasion it has been said the economic system we live under requires unemployment as it keeps wages low.

But the greater incentive should always be to work.


Seventy thousand. FFS. He spilt it on himself.


Just after reading that myself and thought the same. Absolute bollox it’s not as if the cabin crew member had spilled it on him ffs


FFS on what basis was the settlement made if no admission of liability?


I hope the pricks have no luck for it. Also any hot drinks on a flight is not served at boiling point for spillage reasons.


Sitting on a plane right now. Going to drown meself in tepid cofffee and sue the bollix off the airline.

■■■■ them and their 12 inches of legroom and the wankers they put sitting around me.


No - get hot chocolate!!!


Im allergic


■■■■, even better!!


Should you be using yer phone on the plane? They could sue you


I believe in miracles


@Iomaint will like this one


Nah leave her to die out here…she is an enemy of the state and should never be allowed back.


Just read the article. Thankfully he made a full recovery :+1:


Tayto, that is pure gold!! It encapsulates my position on it. If she does not consider herself British, then let her give birth where she is.


Suspended sentences. Suspended!! What a fcuking joke.


Yup totally agree. What can one say to that? Country is a banana republic in all but name. Judges are living in fairy land with their colour by numbers sentencing and their ‘mitigating’ circumstance. Nearly a 155 odd convictions between them, ffs.