Political Correctness... Too far, or absolutely correct?


Was their crop called something with a hashtag?


So are they in receipt of their own farm income or not? You are making a massive false equivalency to compare farm grants and the likes which help a farmer versus long term welfare receipts.


In my day you just said ‘you are not comparing like with like …’


I have said it before on this subject that there should be a time limit applied to welfare receipts where after a period of 6 months or a year, this restriction what you can buy comes into force. I wouldn’t agree with bringing it in for someone who has lost their job yesterday and my post wasn’t clear on that.

Your family in the 80s were obviously a genuine case and presumably would have preferred to have worked but there are a number of people where that is not the case and as the idea of cutting welfare for people is a no no, there should be other restrictions in place to encourage them to go back to work. This is to target long term unemployed who are able to work but choose not to.


Nail on head. They don’t want small or medium farmers anymore.


Why is that? Big business controlling super farms?


I always laugh about how excited people get in relation to social welfare payments, especially when they ten not to differentiate between benefit and assistance.

The entire Social Welfare budget pales into insignificance when compared to the “Assistance” that the Taxpayer has given to the Banks.



So I take it that you are saying that Farming as we know it in Ireland is presently viable without any support.


whataboutery. Just because one is worse than the other does not mean that welfare shouldn’t be looked at.


I haven’t said that at all. I was pointing out how you are making false equivalencies.


A lot of people who use the “Whataboutery” line tend to forget that it goes both ways.

I too have serious issues with some of the people on Social Welfare and the abuses of it but it does not blind me to the bigger issues.


No, Farmers and people on social welfare assistance cannot survive without state / Taxpayer assistance.

I don’t have an issue with people getting Social Welfare benefit as it is as a result of contributions that they made to central exchequer when they were in employment.I do have an issue with those who are abusing the system, from ANY quarter.


Do you think welfare benefit should be allowed go on indefinitely?


Not for all and certainly not for able body people that can work but refuse to.


It doesn’t, that is why it is called BENEFIT. Are you asking about “Assistance”?


Yes I’m asking about assistance. It’s all semantics when I am talking about long term welfare receipts to people who refuse to work.

My stance is that it should be restricted in terms of direct receipt of cash


Yes, I agree…BUT…

“IF” the concerned expressed is in relation as to how we distribute funds then I think we should look at ALL such spending, from the stereo-typical Wacker Flood with the 12 kids who never worked a day in his life and takes three foreign holidays a year to the funding of Hockey pitches for fee paying schools and large grants to limited access Golf clubs etc etc etc. NO exceptions. NONE


Big Co ops yeah. We already have situations where family dairy farms are been taken over by co ops.


I fully agree with that. There is a huge amount of waste of limited resources and there needs to be an overhaul of a lot of government departments


where is the social dividend if you want to call it that
you put money into farmers - business - hockey pitches you get something out of it.
You keep paying people not to work - you get …