Political Correctness... Too far, or absolutely correct?


An 82" TV minimum


Farmers in receipt of Young Farmers Capital Investment Scheme grants, Dairy Equipment Scheme grants, Animal Welfare grants, Safety and Nutrient Storage Scheme grants,Traditional Farm Building Scheme grants, Organic Capital Investment Scheme grants, headage payment grants etc etc etc etc etc etc should not be allowed to purchase alcohol.


It depends. Are they in receipt of their own farm income over and above the grants?


Farmers contribute greatly to this economy and work damm hard for those EU grants. Can the same be said of those who make it a career of living of the state?


Can’t helo you with that one @mayoman. I’m a mere tax payer.


Same as myself sure.


Sorry mayo that’s a redicolous suggestion. Folk shouldn’t be allowed to abuse the system. And Ms. Cash should simply ■■■■ off and be getting on with her life and rearing her kids instead of been used as a ‘filler’ space so that that clickbait can generate a few minutes of outrage. Though it takes two tango and she simply should delete the Indo number of her phone.


Why is it a ridiculous suggestion? Welfare should provide for necessities and not luxury items of which alcohol and smokes would definitely be


It is redicolous suggestion it’s like something a blue shirt would come up if I was to loose my job tomorrow and have to claim welfare I’d hate to think I was micro managed in how I lived my life. Not all people abuse welfare. Not all people buy smokes and alcohol with it. I was unfortunate enough in the 80’s to see my family depend on it for a while and I can tell you my mother didn’t buy ‘smokes or alcohol’ with it. It’s bad enough been on it without having a goddam smart card to purchase everything and letting the whole world know your status.


What other non-viable business gets such supports?


If you allow agriculture to die in Ireland you might as well build the wall around the pale and close the door on what’s left. Fact is Irish agriculture directly and indirectly still supports many jobs. Public transport is loss making…should we stop it? Well we eat food…who produces that?

Our agri food business is world renowned. I am
Not disputing it could be done cheaper and without grants but then you are going to have to abandon our entire farming way of life and structure for a US style factory farm system.

Then who is going to bug up and merge the hundreds of thousands of farms into a few hundred super farms? Farming is not easy and our farmers are world class. It’s not a luxury life and you don’t get into framing for the grants.

I just think there are many of ye that just don’t understand.


Hmmm …


I mean a good idea is a good idea…


How much would this wall cost? Will culchies pay for it? :grin:


We’re gonna make 'em pay!!!

Build The Wall! Build The Wall! Build The Wall!


The Mayo defence could do with a wall :smile:


They have aido… He is thicker than most walls. We need a wall to connect East wall the north wall and the wild west. Keep the sarumans. The Healy fucking Rae’s and Michelle mulherin out of our beloved city.


@mayoman there’s a lot of farmers out there also getting a shed load of grants not to farm. And chose to sit back and take them. Good friend of mine runs his Dads Dairy farm in West Cork, he’s been hounded for the last 20 years to give it up, and would receive grants that would pay more than he currently gets from Farming, but, it’s all he knows and wants to continue doing so.
He supplies milk to loads of local businesses, who would be charged more by state to get there supply. Last time we met he was saying the grief he’s getting from Dept of Agri is like something you’d see from an old Western.


I knew a few lads involved in farming and they got fierce grief from the State to stop growing the stuff they were growing. They didn’t get any grants either.


Department of Agro?