Political Correctness... Too far, or absolutely correct?


Exactly, this allows for those who get a raw deal, lose their job etc. Allows them to find a new gig or whatever.
Could be lengthened to allow someone to retrain or whatever also. Those being pro-active with themselves.

This usually lead-balloons also…but I would be all for making people earn their dole with unskilled jobs that are a benefit to their communities (cleaning up parks etc etc). But surely the PC police and the H&S brigade would be all over the fact that you’d have to train someone to pick up a sweeping brush, wheel barrow or paint brush…


Fully agree with the last paragraph but have always thought that practically very difficult to implement because of the compo culture developing in this country


The compo culture is this country is well developed




Fully agree. Nothing should be for free. School books and uniforms should come via schools. Schools should open at 8am with a breakfast club (optional) and stay open til 6 with an evening snack and sports/activities. Pay staff. Then parents can work, even lone parents.
The other side of this coin is that of all the stuff the state forced on us, blaming the troika, the bit FG never went through with…was forcing the legal profession to advertise their fees. They are a huge part of the compo culture.


They would have to do this per minute due to space restrictions …


This is basically what the C.E scheme and Tús schemes are tbh.


Why were there no new TD’s (Those newly elected in 2016) subject to being paid 10% less than those people working beside them and doing the exact same job like others were?

Cherish SOME of the children of the Nation equally…


Telling people what they can and can’t wear I see.


Christ almighty.


I gave him a typed verbal slap too. Clown


The irony of someone referring to a fascist organisation while implying what someone shouldn’t wear

As always for mw the main issue is the inability for people to live and let live.


And he’s an associate professor in UCD?!


Doesn’t preclude him from being an obnoxious gobshite!


No … but maybe it should …



She must have a direct line to the Indo. Mother of seven ffs.


No bother finding money to go out drinking either


People on social welfare should not be given cash. It should be a credit card type card which will only allow for purchase of essentials such as food, school books etc…not alcohol or cigarettes.


They should all be given a tv though!