Political Correctness... Too far, or absolutely correct?


This is exactly it. Have given them chances before and feel that you have it under control until it all kicks off which it always inevitably does. Good post


Nothing wind-up about pointing out the emphasis constantly on one set of scumbags and not on another, is there? I’m simply showing that some scum seem to be more equal than others in terms of comment.
Everybody and their dog knows there’s travellers who cause anti-social trouble and then there are other people who aren’t travellers who do it but who aren’t so easily identified as a particular grouping.

I’m just looking to see some balance in debates, just because I don’t constantly state the bleedin obvious about bad behaviour by some people, as there are more than enough people doing that job already. Also more than enough saying “Dublin are the greatest team ever and can’t be beaten”. Sure lets just all say the same thing and then you can feel content in the land of The Truman Show.


Anyway I wish I had a mobile home the last time I was living in Dublin and for two years we got terrorised by some degenerates treating the place like a criminal playground. Many sleepless nights and dreading coming home from work. Many attempts to get management and police to try help sort it out to almost no avail, til eventually one particular person ended up back in jail and two others managed to burn the adjacent apartments to the ground (we were one of the lucky people living in buildings with a functioning firewall). Still had to endure a year of cold and damp due to insurance wrangle over the reconstruction.

I’d say those ‘settled’ people were some of the type that ruin it for everyone in places like the Costa. Spending all the scratcher and other ‘earnings’ on some sunshine debauchery.
Right I’m off to watch another episode pf Peaky Blinders… :smirk:


No bail for this lad. Seanie Fitz and the boys got bail, having destroyed the country. This lad, a 54 year old man from rural Ireland, lock him up. Send out the message loud and clear. They tried similar tactics with Paul Murphy and it didn’t get them far.


They also have a mayo man held. There is gonna be big trouble next week when they appear in court. There are huge protests planned outside the court house.


One rule when you upset the bankers…This case involved a death, and he got bail.


This one also involved a death …and bail given AGAIN!!


Heres a man that does not give a flying about PC . Sunday times interviewed him cpl months ago , think he was over in trinity giving a lecture , he said he used to think we were abit thick but has changed his mind.


Amount of resources being tied up is fucking outrageous


No different to Hutch funerals etc. to be fair.


Yeah but come on the Hutch funerals is completely different. This stuff with traveller funerals has been going on years.


Any chance the cops, customs, rsa etc can setup a checkpoint after a travelers funeral? How can they afford all that extravagance? Tax man asleep at the wheel…I suppose waiting for a we aul bucks down a country lane is easier on them.


Well done the Kiwi authorities. They were at it on the flight over too. I’m sure we’ll be hearing from Martin Collins and John Connors calling it discrimination


I’d love to know what they work at to be able to afford a holiday in New Zealand.


And at this time of the year too. Most expensive time to head over to that neck of the woods


I stood them drinking money for every free meal etc they got us. So it worked out a very reasonable budget.


Your sense of humour is so dark, it’s All Black.


And I always liked Black Bush. You must admit the wee fella is a cheeky little scamp. People were paying me to get him to do his performance. “Get him to run and shout over that way” they said, at the scenic cliffs, whilst taking another video.

And a huge Tongan chap said he just wanted to squeeze the life out of him, coz he’s so cute so he is. They were going to give the da a run out with the local rugby team, and something about giving him a load of scrumpy? Amazing hospitality.

They all agreed the authorities heavy-handed treatment was ‘awesome’, so I knew they were on our side, so I did.


This could probably fit in a number of threads but here goes…this is the kind of opinion that goes in the ooohhhh you cant say that.

Look, I get that people shouldn’t lose their homes willy-nilly or be turfed out on the street. However, just because you got granted a mortgage at one time, doesn’t mean that you are then entitled for the tax man (everyone) to pay for your house while you are disincentivised to ever go back to work.

I have a problem with so much of the welfare state. People who generation after generation are getting hand outs while they have enough money for their pints every week, their flat screen TV’s, new trainers and their trips to the Costa (which they’ll tell you they are entitled to as a God-given right)

I get its a trap for some people, why would they work and be worse off? But we as a society can surely come up with ways whereby we make people contribute to society to pay-back what is given to them. They say nothing is for free in this world…well a lot of shit is in this country, if you are so inclined to play the system.

Welfare should be for those who cant work, not an impediment to those who can.


I still think that some kind of decision making should be taken out of welfare recipients hands. Bills should be paid directly out of their welfare such as ESB and tv etc and they are left with the remainder. Food stamps should be another option taken where a sum is worked out how much a recipient should get and add for any kids involved as well.

They still get all that they require from a necessity point of view.

This should not apply to people on disability or other individuals who can’t work but rather those who won’t and are on long term welfare, say after 6 months perhaps