Political Correctness... Too far, or absolutely correct?


A gang of travelers from Sligo caused mayhem in a Mayo town yesterday bringing traffic to a standstill. Bunch of bloody thugs and it took the cops long enough to arrive and arrest none of them. Too busy with checkpoints down country lanes.


Let’s see if they’re as cocky with the Guardia Civil. They’ll put manners on the pricks.


Brendan Byrne who has a pub out there was on radio today. He said there were up to 70 travellers and everyone was afraid of them. It would take a fair few policemen to deal with that.


I’m sure we’ll be hearing from John Connors and Martin Collins any minute now…


Did the Guardia Civil have any luck yet with the gangs of ‘respectable’ Irish crims hanging out in the Spanish Riviera and Costas, and the hoardes of so-called civilised young and not so young folk who we know, though seldom reported or hidden behind English lout reports, have drunken rampages around the European summer resorts?


Well the guardia civil did with this upstanding Irishman.


Indeed. Drop in the ocean really though isn’t it? Our major exported crims seem to be able to operate there in significant numbers largely with impunity and since way back. And you rarely hear about them til somebody occasionally gets very careless and/or his fellow pillars of the Irish business community abroad decide they want one removed.

They are also emigrants/immigrants so I presume there would be plenty of coverage about how they are going to another country and completely and utterly taking the piss as well as ruining many peoples lives.
And the drunken louts who go to foreign lands and behave like they want, not hearing much about them in all this coverage of forrdeners being the root of so many ills.


breaking: pavee point and John connors realease joint statement: ‘it was all a misunderstanding’


I see another heroic Irishman is in trouble in the middle east:

It reminds me of poor Ibrahim, another innocent man #bringhimhome…toBelarus


Abdul Abhaile?


You have to be a wind up merchant, or maybe a traveler yourself. The major exported crims, as you call them, in Spain don’t go around basically closing down a full strip of bars which is what they did in Lanzorote. All other customers would leave the bars because there was fights among themselves, glasses flying etc. But this is standard and from someone who worked in bars for years, I have never once given them a chance and it ending well. Every single time it ended up in fights and stuff being broken in the bar. No one gave them this name/reputation, they built it themselves.
I was reading another article at the weekend about a sting in Spain of 3 men which was a collaboration between scotland yard and the guarda civil. The three men were leading a major burglary gang across the UK and Spain with some assults along the way obviously. The 3 men named were, James Connors, James Patrick Connors and John Connors :see_no_evil:


There’s 2 stories in recent times stand out in my head of Irish abroad, both in Australia. One was the Aussie Police looking for a group of Irish Travellers who had conned OAPs in Australia our of hard earned money by doing botch jobs on their houses (roofing, driveways etc.). Today there is two ‘respectable’ local lads from Donegal due to appear in court for the murder of a 66 year old man. It’s alleged they kicked him to death. (he was in intensive care initially but died today).

I don’t apologise for any group of people but I know which of the above groups I would consider to be bigger scumbags.

There’s arseholes in all walks of life.


Once again it sounds like the Godfather of them all got away, they say Jimmy Connors has been in control a racket these past 60-odd years.


Game, set & match.


Love it




Here’s a big shout out to our fellow Irish citizen, Alexandr Ruzmatovitch Bekmirzaev, recently- and very unfairly- detained for fighting for ISIS. Alexandr is a true Gael, as Irish as Cuchulainn. In fact, his father Piotr played full forward for Buffers Alley in the 1960s, a team famous for having beaten Firhouse Mohammeds in a Leinster Club final. The family has asked that all bleeding hearts liberals should contribute to ISIS but no flowers please.


Surely you meant Buffers Allah!


John Connors and Martin Collins will be along any minute now screeching that it’s racism


I think anyone that has worked in bars has similar experiences to this. A good friend of mine worked in a crowne plaza for a few years. I dropped in one night for a beer and the place was packed with travelers. I will say that they weren’t doing anyone any harm this particular night but I did ask my friend if he was concerned at all. His response was no, that there’s one aul lad keeps them all in line, when they’re told to leave they leave and always throw him a few quid at the end of the night. He also said he sat and spoke with the aul lad a few nights who told him of his plight that his family are discriminated against and can’t get a drink anywhere. This went on for months with no incidents and everything was fine but I’m sure you can see where this is going. One night then all hell breaks loose, furniture and glass flying everywhere. My friend tried to calm the situation by asking the aul lad to get them out, same man then put a broken bottle to my friends neck and said if he ever spoke to him like that again he wouldn’t live to tell the tale.

I’m full sure there is decent travelers in this country but to think they are unfairly treated as a whole is naivety to put it mildly. They bring a lot of the negative stuff on themselves. Yes there are toe rags in all walks of life but it’s too prevalent in one particular community for it not to be the norm at this point.