Political Correctness... Too far, or absolutely correct?


Hmmmmm, what will happen to LADIES Gaa?


Totally correct decision. I have refused to buy gingerbread men for years because of the sheer sexism of the product. Am off out now to buy myself a bag of gingerbread persons …


I’m hearing Santa is to go gender neutral, does that mean they remove his sack???


So how the ■■■■ are we going to get this to rhyme.

Run, run, as fast as you can
You can’t catch me, I’m the gingerbread person.

Run, run, as fast as you can by overexertion
You can’t catch me, I’m the gender neutral and made from sustainable products gingerbread person.


That’s ancient news. And probably just the same old clickbait. What the heck is Nova.ie, the radio station? They quote the Daily Mail anyway, enough said! :roll_eyes:



Be careful not to buy it on the black market, or you could be looked on as the black sheep! I hope we have s white Christmas!




Seasons greetings? Is it not happy holidays? fucking outrage.


Outside of social media faux rage does anyone really care about this stuff? What radio stations have refused to play Fairytale of New York here?

While I do get the idea that extreme left have gone too far, i.e that they are preaching rather than making an argument these days, I don’t see its impact outside of social media. Can someone counter that if i’m wrong? For example, do most people actually take these claims by some that the song should be banned seriously?


I actually think it’s right there should be a debate about the use of that word in the song. It’s not a word that should be bandied about. I do think in this context it’s ok to use, but it most definitely isn’t in every context. The Pogues were never meant to be a mass market band anyway, and when that happens sort of accidentally, subtleties that would have been picked up on by fans are ignored.

But I said or above somewhere, there is no such thing really as politically correct, there is just correct and incorrect. People who disagree on which side of the line stuff is just put the word political before it to discredit the other side. What they are really saying is that ‘ you don’t have any actual reason for this other then ‘political correctness’. That just kills the debate and it’s unhealthy.


That is genuinely sexist. What next, ‘gentlemen’s football’. Why use a term that implies some sort of judgement.


The word Lady is not an insult. Furthermore, there most certainly is a drive towards what is ‘politically correct’ - hence the need for the term.


If there’s a debate then that opens the possibility of culling the word or even the song. My issue isn’t that some find the word offensive, it’s more who is going to do the culling?


Debate about it is fine I fully agree but I think McGowan articulated his reasoning for using the term very well. I m not sure about censoring art , it makes me uneasy. I think ( others may disagree) that I m capable of distinguishing between words being used as artistic devices or as offensive terms.


You can see what’s coming next, the Mammy and daddy terms being abolished to just parent and when they have a child it will be a baby, as forcing a gender on a child with a penis is not PC!

The world is fuck3d lads and ladies!


Could not agree more, Rochey! It won’t be long before St. Nicola will be coming down chimneys instead of St. Nick! Nothing can be left alone. Nothing is taken in context. Everyone is offended. Je suis Charlie. ■■■■ them. If you can’t have a crib in a church or sing a song, then things have gone too far.


It is a word that can be taken a lot of different ways. It can signify a type of person that a player should be ‘ lady like’. Not all might aspire to that. It can be taken as the old English class thing of ‘ladies’. For me it is just unnecessary - it is a sport for women, call it women’s football. Like men’s football is men’s football.

As for political correctness. There is definitely a move towards correctness. People who don’t agree with it call it political correctness and those who do call it correctness. Stuff that was described 20 years ago as political correctness now seems normal and wrong that it should have been any other way. 20 years before that again it was more extreme and so on. In 20 years time we probably won’t believe some of the stuff that is the norm today.

But it is an umbrella term for a huge amount of different issues. Some of these issues could be crazy, but that makes them wrong, not ‘politically correct’.