Political Correctness... Too far, or absolutely correct?


Sorry Maxi. Your question was answered. The speed limit is 50k for some stretches of motorway. It’s nonsense. You could easily not see a sign and then pass a camera. Do it twice and your job is toast. It’s bullshit.


If they are going to bring it in, then they have to improve sign visibility but if that is done, there is no excuse imo.


Driving without due care and attention - another three points I reckon.


Agreed. But the preponderance, size and location of road signs in Ireland is piss poor. Especially at this time of the year, when it’s often dark at 4pm, with lashing rain & limited visibility. Am not holding my breath that will ever change.


The R132 (and similar roads) having speed limits of 80kmph (outside of urban areas) is a joke. The R132 was once the N1 prior to the M1 opening. When it was the N1 it would have had a speed limit of 60mph or 100kmph and a lot more traffic.
A motorway being added to a route should not necessarily mean that the previous road, where still in place, becomes a regional road rather than a national road.


would those conditions not make you slow down anyway ?


Madness. I’m with @ProudDub’s stance here. I got done for doing 91 in what was an 80 zone. It was a 100 mph road apart from one small section that reduced to 80 (my sat nav said it was 100) temporarily and the signage was crap. I believed I was still in a 100 zone, so much so, I drove it the week after and right enough, for about 1km, that road reduced to 80. Sticking a speed van there was pure bollox!


In theory, yes. However, the first time I was ever in a car leaving the Red Cow Luas car park, t’was at a snail’s pace on a dark, wet night in January. Still had to drive twice around the mini roundabout to locate the tiny M50 sign, for the direction we wanted to go in. Put yourself in the shoes of a bogger, or a tourist, unfamiliar with the area & you’d think those in charge of signage at the biggest traffic junction in the country would display a bit of co-op on.

And no, I wasn’t the one driving. So you can put all those itchy trigger fingers away…wimmen drivers etc etc …:wink:


I got done for doing 69kph in a 60 kph zone. I was doing just over 5mph over the limit on a road I travel regularly. The speed limit had been changed and I had not realised. I got 3 points. I wish Shane Ross had gone to North Korea. To me, he is a kunt of the highest order who is looking for notice. #dominant puspure


Agree…the road I live on used to be 60 mph…When Km came in it was dropped to 80kph. Now there were a few deaths in the past but none recently thankfully so possibly the 80 km drop was partially to do with it but nobody obeys it…there are no speed vans…yet drive into town and inside the lower limits there are vans there regular for purely €€€…why not have those vans on the parts where people have actually died? It only reinforces the view of a revenue generating operation.


The younhave lanes or boreens as we call them, single lane with grass down the middle of the road with 80km speed limits lol


509 posts. 35 days. 27 topics from transgender transexuals, Fairytale of New York and racism to sexism, unibrow-ism, Vincents-ism and homophobia… and what you are finally agreeing with me on, is a fcuking road sign? :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:



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Great story. Loads of other travellers were being served at the same time as three, who were previously barred, were not served. The three said it was because they are travellers! It’s vintage stuff​:rofl::rofl::rofl:


Right decision but they were a little lucky maybe - if they’re barred why even serve food


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