Political Correctness... Too far, or absolutely correct?


You are mistaken in your belief

Jimmy Grantham


There’s always some idiot who takes things up wrong and pushes something too far, this is the perfect example of that.

but that doesn’t mean the whole idea of people not generalising or being offensive based on skin colour, nationality or religion should be thrown out lock stock and barrel. The same principle means that you should no longer be called paddy when in the UK and has killed off the paddy Irishman joke as being acceptable.

Shane McGowan’s response was very thoughtful and polite i thought (considering the ludicrous idea).



Faggot is a small piece of burning wood on the fire.
I’m sure it’s all just more of the same old clickbait carry-on.


McGowan was using it in the way most people use it let’s be straight ( yuk yuk) . I thought he was correct in his response though. Do we remove offensive words from books ( To kill a mockingbird for eg) even though they are integral to the characters credibility. Difference between banning words for racism and outright censorship .


Blackmail. Black market. Black sheep.


Alpha male. Flea market. Sean the sheep,

Your go @Iomaint


Did my post go totally over your head? I’d doubt that! Really?


You’re over thinking it. It’s just a load of bollocks


I think he had a blackout


Thanks for those deep thoughts :+1:


I see Lord Ross of Stepaside is having another go at drivers. The increase in points for speeding means that if you inadvertently go at 18 miles per hour over the limit, you can get 7 points and are more than half way on the road to losing your licence and for many, your job. He must have had dreadful childhood, with no cars to play with.


You’re joking? 7 points?


Not quiet that bad it seems;

“But one example of an increased penalty is motorists who are caught traveling between 10 and 20kmh over the limit would be fined €150 and get four penalty points.”


30kph over the limit means between 5 and 7 penalty points.


Why would anyone need to be travelling at best 25% over the speed limit? At worst 100%. Why shouldn’t it be a harsher penalty?


Why don’t they do something about people driving with dodgy (or one) lights? If you get caught you get 72 hours to go to Garda Station with fixed lights or else you get three points. Simple solution.


On motorways, where they run into dual carriage ways, where the speed limit goes down from 100 to 80 to 60 over a very short distance, with very little warning or signage.


that’s a very specific scenario and one which should be allowed for but if someone is travelling 80k in a 50 zone, why shouldn’t they be punished harshly


Yes, they should. But you asked a general question, so I gave you a more specific answer. With more & more of us having longer commutes on more motorways/dual carriageways, I’d imagine it’s a pretty common occurrence.