Political Correctness... Too far, or absolutely correct?


White Christmas must be put on the naughty list as well. Obviously an offensive KKK song about white Supremacy.


Good Lord Polanski! Next you’ll be saying it’s safe to hang out in all areas of St Anne’s Pork! :wink:


Driving home for Christmas encourages the release of toxic gases into the Ozone layer. Save the planet!


Do the fairies keep him sober for a day?

Looks like Merry Xmas Everybody will have to go too Eoghan, eh?

Speaking of which how do RTE manage to churn out arseholes year after year after year?


I heard it three times today on radio…presenters referred to Christmas as “The Holidays” - the best invention was Spotify…listening to Irish PC radio just makes me angry nodays.


First I was afraid, I was spotified


I tell ye what is offensive and shouldn’t be tolerated. People who say Die Hard is a Christmas movie!


The Wizard of Oz? :flushed:


A classic, but a festive favourite it is not. Is it?


You’re correct. It’s Die Hard 2 that’s a Christmas movie. Loads of snow and Perry Como.


How dare you. It’s not Christmas until you see Hans Gruber falling from Nakatomi Tower


How very dare you! It was always on at Chrimbo anyway. Gone With the Wind too. And all the Marx Bros movies. Poseidon Adventure, maybe that one actually was Christmas?


Michale Collins is always on over the Christmas too, but there’s no snow in it I don’t think.


It is! Welcome to the party pal.


Well said lad. Scum need to be dealt with. End of.


Fcuk off Ed you snowflake plonker


That sort of ‘journalism’ is a sad sack symbol for a new generation of bleating sheep hearts. Spewan could start a political party to include the likes of these.


Ed Power…that’s the dangle berry that will jump on any bandwagon to get a bit of me me me me me me me me me me.


I’m perfectly fine with the lyrics the way they are. These people in their quest for tolerance seem to want to erase anything they cannot tolerate.


I’ll be using the last two lines of that post to argue this. Excellent TL. Excellent.