Political Correctness... Too far, or absolutely correct?


Hopefully he’s ok.


That chip on your shoulder has not gone away. Have you tried physio, or counselling?


Seriously speaking here @mayoman and I’ve said this before, you cannot deport Irish nationals.


Thanks for clarifying they are Irish citizens. I was led to believe they weren’t but sure it’s hard to get accurate news online. I would be in favour of a three strikes rule for crime and into jail you go after that but our prisons are overflowing.


They are teenagers born and (obv badly) reared in this country


Not all, only a handful!


They are not Irish.


As in not born here or what?


Ha ha ha, says the queen of extra helpings of chips, brilliant. Are you still guest-starring in Angry Birds?

(By the way, it’s King of Political Correctness to you, get my title correct).


Hard to get accurate news here Mayoman.


In what way?


This is outrageous from Red Star Belgrade … call the PC Police …


Now this is taking the (Dogs) biscuit…

These people are barking mad…




Rory is gay?!?

*. rips up betting slip *


OMG won’t someone please notice me!!, cried the complete fookin non-entity from his fortress of manufactured outrage in a petulant display of opportunist bandwagon jumping.


Superb rant.


Superb indeed. Haven’t seen as good an example since I swallowed a cough bottle and suddenly went off on one. I didn’t even expect to rant.


Hadn’t heard the muggings were happening on the promenade. Interesting.

But I did hear that some young guy was mugged on Mount Prospect (had his phone and jacket taken) and another on Clontarf Park.

As for what people are saying here about Conquer Hill - it shook off that dodgey reputation decades ago. Get with the programe!

The Grangers now own the Pebble Beach Pub and it’s a very popular watering hole for people from all corners of the 'Torf! Back in the 80’s/90’s it was strictly for Conquer Hill locals. That whole area changed when they demolished the play ground and built a row of houses there instead.