Political Correctness... Too far, or absolutely correct?


non sexual violence is a lot more black and white than sexual violence. People generally know when they have committed a violent act. The same cannot be said for a sexual assault where one party thinks everything is ok and the other doesn’t. I don’t think the approach to violence is the same for that reason imo.

Where you draw the line is hard to call but certainly a Christmas song that portrays persistence and refusal to take no for an answer in a joking fashion and which may belittle the concept of consent to some (and I stress some here as the majority of people will not be influenced that way) is a place to start. Not knowing where to draw a line doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t start to attempt to fix things


So Everlong by the Foo Fighters has got to go then too yeah?


What a coincidence!

The sheughs be full this time of year.


I used to really like Something Happens back in the day until it gradually dawned on me that they were an Aldi REM.


Could never warm to them though I like Tom Dunne on the wireless.


That’s just a vicious rumour. He needs to be left alone.


Jealousy will get you nowhere. Don’t panic!


Or his song cocaine blues.
The live version opens with…

“Early one morning while making the rounds, I took a shot of cocaine and I shot my woman down”


Great song…what a man Johnny Cash was…one of the few great artists that transcends the generations


Money talks.


Don’t you dare. Quality tune!

You’d want to hear the radio in Spain. Absolutely no censoring or radio friendly versions of songs. All curses included


I see the sub-saharans from the North county are coming in my direction. Skulls shall be cracked. No more of this.


Conquer Hill was always a a bit of a hive of scumbag activity anyway wasn’t it?


There goes the neighbourhood…


From the Minister of Political Correctness, delighted to see your mask slip.


Did these incidents actually happen down in Conquer Hill as I can’t find anywhere on any of the articles that said were it happened?

Also it’s a bit of a trek from Killester Dort to Conquer Hill for these Young’s lads coming from Balbriggan


Are people being intimidated by foreign nationals? If the incidents are a serious as I am hearing then they should be deported.


I know one guy who was mugged and it was down near the sea.


It always shocked me, growing up in Edenmore, how much crime and nasty or brutal incidents seemed to emanate from such a small part of a generally very posh area. A certain wonderfully articulate and cultured denizen of this very community wherein we all banter and joust so jovially must have been morto, he couldn’t even bring himself to mention it.
Locally sourced crime in the torf eh, better find a goatscape quick!