Political Correctness... Too far, or absolutely correct?


:tornado::wind_face::shark::fire::hot_face::zap: Oohhhhh holy Jaysus, best of luck with that! (puts Dad’s Army tin helmet and gas mask on) It’s being nice knowing you, what sort of eulogy would you like?


The only person who ought to draw offense in that instance is the player. I don’t really get taking offense over something viewed on social media in cases like this. It’s akin to climbing up a ladder and looking into your neighbours window and being disgusted at what you see.


I picture you in your Captain Mainwairing gear and it all begins to make sense… tough day at the bank, don the khakis …moral and fiscal rectitude…perfect fit!


Oh I’ve been there.


Apologies if this has been discussed already, but the song “baby it’s cold outside” is supposedly banned from mainstream radio due to predatory undertones? And now fairytale of New York is under threat too. So we can’t have songs or snowmen, anyone out there offended by Christmas trees?


I heard it was ONE radio station only in (you guessed it) the USA.
Fairytale of New York was previously edited by the BBC but I don’t think they do so any longer.


Multiple stations have taken this stance, including Xmas Fm here


I would guess that Shane didn’t mean homosexual when he used the word faggot, I would say he used it in the same way a lot of old irish people use it. When my father uses the word faggot he uses it to mean similar to “ye cheeky young pup”

Typical American DJs over reacting. DJs banned I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) by the Proclaimers cause of the word “HAVER” when asked why they said we don’t know what it means but we assume it has sexual conotations, it actually means what they were doing “talking shite”


The US bans songs but votes in a self-confessed sex abuser as president.


As @Dubstar said, it’s been banned from a fair few stations. Xmas fm here banned it, not aware of any other radio stations did.


The predatory undertones are fairly obvious and can understand why they wouldn’t play it. It’s very much in keeping with trying to change thinking around consent I would have thought


They’ll be banning Relax next.


Fair point but if someone commits a sexual assault because they heard that song then they should have been locked up well before then. I get that it’s not that simple as radio stations won’t want to be seen as promoting the like. Where does it stop though? Will films that involve any sort of violence now be banned because someone suffered something similar in real life?


Fair point but if someone commits a sexual assault because they heard that song …



Listened to Fulsome Prison Blues last night. I’d have gone out and shot someone if I had a gun…just to watch them die!


films are regulated with age restrictions and the likes that radio stations don’t have.


“I shot a man in Marino, just to watch him die…”


“Take a parachute and jump”… by Nothing Happened.
First Gulf War.


Luckily I was listening to my Wurzels album last night and remembered to rush back into the house this morning after I left for work and to grab my shovel. Even though I work in an office.

Songs are important.


Ok so age groups of teenagers and below won’t be influenced by the films, but the adults, who commit the majority of such crimes will still be.