Political Correctness... Too far, or absolutely correct?


You appear to have taken me up wrong regarding my hung drawn and quartered comment.


I apologise. Saw it now. That was sleazy in a way that only French men can be … and Irishmen with a skinful.

But that guy aside, I’m sick of grovelling apologies cos some poor ■■■■■■■ unintentionally said something inappropriate. Fcuked up world … media/twitterati driven sh1te. People with fcukin zero morals pulling others up on theirs …


OK, so he made a flippint remark. He did not ask her to twerk, merely did she know how to. He has rightly been called out on it, he has apologised. What else do people want?


I don’t have any biases. I hate yis all equally!


Maybe some people would have been happier if he actually asked her to twerk.
… and then she obliged.


Thats fine and no problem with calling it out for what it is.
Think your opinion that no men need comment or have an opinion in this case is , or no white people when it was a lack of black chefs last week isn’t a great approach.


I didn’t say no men need ever comment. I was querying who is best placed to determine the level of response required & just how offensive the original comment was?

For example, a DUP MP makes an offensive comment about Irish speakers. Who is best placed to comment on the level of offensiveness and/or an appropriate punishment/consequence…another DUP MP who doesn’t see what all the fuss is about & cares even less, or an actual Irish speaker, who is one of those offended?

As to the hung, drawn & quartered remark, by even introducing something over the top & hyperbolic as that into the conversation (even in a joking, slang context) it implies that any one who had a problem with the incident is over reacting. Which brings us back to my original point…who is best placed here to judge what is an over reaction to a situation like this?


It makes no difference who comments, as long as it’s kept respectful, I think that’s one thing that’s coming across in your posts. You regularly refer to white males (without scrolling back up, it’s a recollection) being privileged and not understanding all others! I think white males can be compassionate and understanding too?


The hung drawn and quartered was part of an overall point that he shoukd be called out on it but nkt have his career derailed over it.

That kind of jumping to conclusions does a perspective no good in my opinion


Can another DUP member not have a respectful understanding of the irish language and have an opinion that his colleagues views were wrong?


Ah jaysus … will ya come on outta that …


Highly unlikely i know


“catch a finger by the toe”??? :thinking:


There is not a chance in hell Ray or any other Sportsfile snapper would’ve asked the male captains to sport Santa hats - much less would they have agreed to.

So what do you make of this then @ProudDub?


The Dubs often wear SAMta hats.


Just watched the twerk video to see what’s it all about. The interview was conducted in French and the footballer Ada Hegerberg is obviously fluent in that language and English as well as her native Norwegian.
I’m trying to imagine an English (or Irish) born footballer in a similar situation. My douze points go to Ms Hederberg in this case.


And she’s a fine looking bird too…


What gives you the right to suggest who is best placed to comment on anything? You come across as the conscience of the nation. This is all subjective and all about opinions. If someone puts up a comment that isn’t to your liking, you rush to counter-balance it, as you see it. You think that you are good person spreading fair play, but you are simply espousing your own world view, same as the rest of us.


Well ooooh. Look at you. Gone all espousing and world viewy on us!! There’s a book in you!


I know, it doesn’t seem to make sense, but that’s the way she sings it!