Political Correctness... Too far, or absolutely correct?


Not at all Dub. We are just a hologram. You are essentially a character in some large creature’s game! Elon Musk agrees so that’s that really! No heaven. No hell. Great!


For some reason this just came into my head, nothing wrong with this

Eeny Meeny miny moe, catch a n1gger by the toe
If he squeals let him go

In fairness, how racist is that!


pretty racist i’d imagine


I know, my point is we used to do it every day to decide who was ‘on’ in games. Probably before your time Maxi


you weren’t using it a racist phrase, it was just a rhyme you knew but it all filters in to subconscious racism and bias and acceptance of the use of the word. It was of its time and not deemed racist in the past but times change


While eating those white rectangular ice cream on a stick …


Our 4 year old uses the same rhyme now, but with the line ‘catch a finger by the toe’. Probably the way it’s been taught now.


I thought it was ‘Catch a tigger by the toe’ now?


The Golli w… Ok I’ll leave it. The extras episode where Maggie is dating the black guy is very funny in relation to that


It could be argued that if people followed all of the Catholic Churches teachings the need for contraception to prevent HIV wouldn’t be needed. Sex outside marriage wouldn’t happen and the spread would be contained.

But I am not arguing for the Catholic Church per se, or any other church. I suspect in the over all scheme of things, through-out history, they have provided an element of structure that I don’t think would have come about any other way. That is not to say it hasn’t done a lot of damage too, as per your contraception example, but the world needed a structure in less enlightened times.

And yes, you are right, they got a whole load of things completely arse ways, especially in the sciences, but they did provide a foundation for learning and study that other wise would have been left to the rulers of the day who would have suffered from the same short termism a lot of our guys today do.


I was just reading about that ‘twearking’ comment at the soccer awards. Yes, it was a stupid thing to say. But nowhere did I read anyone suggest that the guy who said it might have left the stage thinking, ‘holy fu*k, why did I say that?’. These presenters are programmed to talk complete shite, they are going to get it wrong sometimes. It’s right to raise it, but it needs to be proportional.


I’m sick of grovelling apologies cos some poor ■■■■■■■ unintentionally said something inappropriate. Fcuked up world … media driven sh1te. People with fcukin zero morals pulling others up on theirs …


did he say something stupid? Yes
Does he deserve to be called out on it and not just let it slide? Yes
Does he deserve to be hung drawn and quartered?No


Ahhh…. marriage.


You have me there boss.


ProudDub - on a mission to silence majority’s since this thread started.


Is it cos we have balls?



ProudDub…on a mission to have these incidents examined when they happen and to have the mindsets that leads to them examined, instead of the usual knee jerk reactin to give out about…deep breath… “the me too mob” or “the twitterati brigade” or “the PC brigade run amok” or “media witch hunts” or someone being “hung, drawn and quartered”…thereby turning some ignorant b0ll0cks stuck in the Stone Age, into a George Hook type victim deserving of sympathy and pity, for being a harmless aul divil on the receiving end of deranged feminazis ire.


What did the twerk guy say?