Political Correctness... Too far, or absolutely correct?


What is that?


A place where fat people go.


Not all of us!


I think there’s a world of difference.

The reason your kid is doing a nativity play is because you enrolled them in a school that has a Catholic ethos, and forms part of the school’s culture and curriculum.

My niece and nephew are at school in the States and pledge their alliegance to the flag every morning.

But the brother-in-law tolerates it because it was his choice to go America - and that’s what happens in schools there.

That’s different to someone choosing not to be believe in a god - but decides it’s their duty to lecture or mock people that do.


If you tried to do that here there’d be war.


I just think that faith is a personal thing.

My wife would’ve did the Lough Derg pilgrimage as a kid. It’s more common in rural areas.

So although I’m a bit more cynical towards any religion, I get that faith is wild important to some people and they draw strength and peace from it.

But the brother would nearly snear at people who go to mass as though they aren’t as enlightened or intelligent. He’s the type that thinks it’s ok to bend you ear on why mass go-ers are eejits. That’s what I mean by aggressive atheist.


When Catholic ethos schools represent 90% of schools there is not a lot of choice. The other 10% comprise all religious ethos and none so the non religious is smaller again.

I don’t think there should be any religion in schools except taught as part of a class setting similar to history where the origins of each major religion are taught. Religion is a choice for people and offers no real benefit educationally imo and should be taken outside of the 9-3 school setting


It’s a tough one.

You could argue that religious education is as important (or unimportant) as history, art…even Irish language.

But all 4 of these make a large part of your culture.

The brother loves to give off about the Catholic Church (fair enough) but then getts his kids christened, splashes out on communion etc. A la Carte principles.


With all respect to your brother, in that particular case, he is being a bit of an you know what. My view on that is if religious morals etc are forced or suggested upon me ill respond with as much vigour. But going after people in that manner is not right.

It’s also obvious enough in this country religion is not just personal, it’s downright political in some cases and within that context ought to be considered and pulled apart like any other idea.

I also think the term atheist as a means of definition is pointless. It’s akin to saying to someone I’m A(rugby) because i only play Hurling. I would of thought in most cases athiest is something that conferred on someone rather than actively identifying as it. It is in my case anyhow.


I’m just going to pray for you all.


Many blessings be upon you Dub09 Akhbar!


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Is he one of the Ringsend Rafsanjanis?


As someone said recently, I’ll just leave this here:



I know a Civil Servant who went for a promotion and was asked at interview if he had worked or not worked on an event that over 95% of the Union members in his section had boycotted following a vote on the event. I genuinely thought they could not ask such a question.


Sad that this sh1t still goes on…


Was at a function I was at and he’s a decent bloke. Member of St Jude’s too … :roll_eyes:


For all interview processes you will have a pre defined set of questions that will be asked to each candidate, the questions can be posed by any member of the panel.


Sound. I just thought that 2 weeks after a dispute / industrial action that it was a question that should not have been asked.