Political Correctness... Too far, or absolutely correct?


It probably doesn’t go down well with his position as leader of the local Orange Lodge.



We’ve schools nearby at primary and secondary level:

State schools (mainly Protestant) and the Catholic Maintained sector.

But if you’re a non-practising Catholic, or prefer not to have your child brought up in the chuch, then you’re free to enrol them into a state school.

But the same person I know will go to town come Communion, Confirmation etc…then proudly boast he won’t cross a chapel door.


I think everything in moderation.

We go to mass every week…but I don’t want my kids getting preached to at school.

In practise, they learn the basics; prayers, St Patrick, nativity story etc. But that’s about that.

We’re fortunate that our Head Teacher is big into the GAA (he organises the Cumann na mBunscol), so the kids get loads of football.


Your right to call it hypocritical. But it happens in all walks of society. Communion is seen by some as inherently important religiously but by others as a family day out, sense of occasion, etc.

Most of the country went rugby gaga at the weekend but a lot couldn’t name 5 of the players.

A lot of Christian events here have morphed. Paddys Day and Christmas etc. But then the Christians borrowed from their predessors too. It happens everywhere.


Fair enough - even if I didn’t believe I’d still allow my kids to make their sacraments as no kid likes to feel different.

It just comes back to tolerance in that if you choose to send your kid to a Catholic school (as in you had different options) then you can’t really give off of your kids say a Hail Mary in the morning.


Although in fairness to intolerance…our local school has banned the showing of last year’s AI Final and kids are forbidden from wearing Dublin jerseys.

Perfectly understandable and hope the kid who made a mistake of wearing his blue top makes a full recovery.


Excuse me luv, I maybe in a minority but I think there is more chance of Rory O’Connell playing full back for Dublin than of Rory O’Carroll having his own cook book or tv show.!:man_cook:


Does your friend celebrate Christmas?


You wouldn’t believe me if I told you he went to midnight mass.

Don’t get me wrong…a lot of people go to mass out of duty and because they’ve children.

But then don’t bang on about the Catholic Church or people that believe.

Think you call it aggressive atheism…not good enough you’re allowed your own beliefs, you have to lecture others.


We need to sort out this whole thing. I see huge racism and other isms all over our seasonal celebration. This year, we take a stand. ‘White Christmas’ should be renamed ‘Black Holiday’. ‘A Spaceman Came Travelling’ by Chris De Burgh can be changed to ‘An indigenous person came rightfully visiting’. ‘STOP the Cavalry’ by Jona Lewie can henceforth be referred to as ‘STOP members of the defence forces in general, to include land, sea and air, not forgetting the reserves’.



Sorry folks…I’m like bah humbug here.

On a lighter note…would it be politically incorrect to say I hope those f**king Dubs don’t win Sam next year?


Howeya about lets jettison token nordie*

*rufus doesn’t fall into this category as his content is engaging.


JJ I’m fond of you but Dall is here to stay!


Well I’m giving you a Sophie’s choice. I like daller as well. She’s a good skin in fairness.


Is that not what making an atheist or other religion sit through a religion class or nativity play is?


What is aggressive atheism? Sounds like an oxymoron.


Victor Meldrew saying “I don’t believe it” with a bit more vigour?


We all have a responsibility obviously and I do all I can to encourage good eating and a healthy exercise routine for my 6 year old. She is in GAA nursery on Saturday’s, and then does parkrun and or basketball on Sunday. However from Monday to Friday I drop her off at 8am and don’t see her again until 7pm and it’s nearly bed time. She spends 25 hours during the week in school. I’d like the schools to change their focus and dedicate more time to exercise (currently 1 hour) and well being rather than non essentials subjects like religion, especially from 4 year of age.


Get a gym built in the house