Political Correctness... Too far, or absolutely correct?


I hear ye Al

Talking of which…there was a similar thread on the Kerry forum yonks ago about the amount of Kerry genes on the Dublin side (obviously the genes that make you a ‘naturally better’ player).

Some of it was light-hearted, but other posters were almost looking for Kerry to get credit for the dublin wins!



Ah here. Leave it out!

I mean I disagree a lot with what PD says, but can you at least keep it respectful? That’s just not cricket, old chap!


There is only so much I can take! ‘RTE unaware of diversity…’. Puke. I was referring to the article as opposed to the poster. Okely dokely? Happy Holidays Rochey!


Except that doesn’t work for gender. Gender, like it or not excludes women from a lot of jobs in reality. The best person for roles in construction, rural economies, protecting things, tend to be men. That’s a huge amount of people, families etc and that’s not factoring in the generally accepted idea that having numerous kids slows a women’s career down.

What feminism is really concerned with is access to well paid corporate and civic roles. And I’ve no issue with that providing its meritocratic but considering old world values are rightly being eroded away you can’t explain any disparity without knowing current 3rd level rates for professional degrees.

Besides, there is still a generation in these sectors above the current crop of graduates who will naturally fill senior roles quicker. If these are generally men it will take a while to balance out.


Huge rush In today’s world to fix history tomorrow …

Talking about gender and other equality when one of the most misogynistic, racist, idiotic, boorish men ever born holds the highest elected office in the Free world and still enjoys huge support from those he abuses. Maybe educate people.


I thought for a second you were referring to Harry Tiles’s meeting! (Maybe too early for that)


A word that is politically incorrect in that context - mixed-race is the term, you know!


So that’s a black mark against you Parish, …or eh a grey mark…or just a mark…but that would offend anyone called mark so it’s not a mark at all. I just hope we don’t have a white Christmas this year as that would be racist and exclusionary too.


You know where the 5 lamps are don’t ya? :heart_eyes:


Now Iomaint, you can’t say Christmas anymore - it’s the holidays


I’ve heard reports of primary schools cutting back on nativity plays, making Christmas cards etc, in case it caused offence to non-Christians.

Pure madness.

That’s just tolerating intolerance.


Nice. It’s like listening to Sammy!

Talk about cutting back on Nativity plays, they have never used Wise Men in Kerry.


I was meaning you shouldn’t expect others to tolerate your own intolerance.

I’ve one agnostic friend who complains about the ‘indoctrination’ that their kid is receiving at our local Catholic primary school. (No doubt the same boy will go the 9-yards come Communion).

FFS…when you choose to register them at a Catholic school, what do you expect them to be taught in RE?


Are there alternative choices reasonably close by?


to be fair in this country you don’t really have a ‘choice’ or not to send your child to a Catholic school. Over 90% of primary schools are under the catholic patronage.


If there is adequate choice then I’d partially agree. But if the only option is Catholic then the parent has a right to be disgruntled.

FWIW I don’t think religion should be tought in school as a matter of proposing faith. It should be tought comparatively imo.


My 4 year old started school last year. 30 mins Religious Education every day. 2.5 Hours a week at 4 years of age, biggest subject by far.

Contrast that to the 1 hour of PE she does per week. 1 hour in an entire week in school!

And yet we talk about the obesity problem we have in this country. Nonsense of the highest order.


Agree. My kids go to a very religion orientated school, but there is an opt out option for those of none or different faiths. Must be the school board of management policy, as opposed to the norm!
As for PE, they get that about 3 times a week, once with a club gpo and twice with their teachers!


Surely childhood obesity is the fault of the parent though, however as a non parent please excuse the ignorance if I am mistaken.

Growing up my parents had me eating well, fruits and veg etc - of course there were sugary snacks with my school lunches but that was maybe one mini sized chocolate bar a day.