Political Correctness... Too far, or absolutely correct?


Looking for a ratio on black presenters of cooking programmes is akin to gender quotas. It should be the best person for the job regardless of sex, colour, creeed, sexual orientation or ethnicity. As an employer I would hate to have been told I need to adhere to any of them. Not in any way discriminating against any, just looking for the best possible candidate to fill a position.


I agree. In a perfect world, that is how things should always be done. But what if the best person for the job, always seems to be someone of the same sex, ethnicity, or back ground, then what? At what point do you say “hang on, wait a minute here?”


Huh? You keep employing them.


You don’t, you select the best person for the position. There is no debate on this, no employer should be forced to employer a lesser candidate.


Would you stop, sure you can’t turn on the telly without tripping over a wheelchair, or transgendered genitalia, or a person of colour righting historic wrongs. The place has gone mad: Women are in revolt, insisting the only way to equality is by being as unequal as the evil men before them, while shouting down anybody - including feminists - they think aren’t radical enough. Students are so cosseted they won’t allow different opinions be uttered in front of them in case they shatter like cheap Chinese delph.

And everybody needs to have a problem or illness. F*ck me.


Looks like an essay is on the way😉


Oh, you better believe it.

Buckle up Buttercup. :wink:

You are presuming a level playing field is at play for all the candidates and that there is zero ingrained institutional or historical bias towards one candidate over another. That is often not the case

For example, in May 2011, Holles St Maternity Hospital appointed Dr Rhona Mahony as its CEO. (I shall refrain from giving her official title, or we’ll be here all night with the “Ooh er Matron” jokes.)

Dr Mahony was the first ever Mistress…ah b0ll0cks, here we go… of a Dublin maternity hospital. Think about that for a sec. It took until 2011 for a feckin’ woman to be put in charge of a feckin’ maternity hospital.

I do not believe for one second, that every single time that post became open in Holles St, the Coombe, the Rotunda etc etc that a woman was assessed fairly, openly and honestly & was deemed to be inferior to her male colleagues.

Some of you probably do. After all, do you need to have had cancer to be put in charge of a cancer hospital? No, you don’t. Should you be over the age of 70 to be deemed capable of running a Geriatric hospital? No. Should you be an ex army man to be capable of running a Verterans hospital? No.

But how about you factor in successive male Ministers for Health, or male priests on the hospitals Boards of Management, or an exclusively male population of doctors & consultants prior to 1974, or male civil servants running the HSE & Dept of Health, or Boards of Govenors made up of men primarily rubber stamping the appointments, or consultancy groups of male University professors putting their spake in on viable candidates. Have a look at Michelle Sheehy Skeffington’s (yes, those Sheehy Skeffington’s) law suit against UCG if you want some numbers on that last aspect.

Factor in all those…and what do you get? The same men appointing each other to jobs over and over and over. Out of sheer habit, if nothing else.

This “hire the best person for the job, irrespective of their sex, race, colour” lark is all well and good. But it’s amazing how much putting measures in place to level the playing field, is usually opposed by those least affected by bias or discrimination. Funny that !


All anybody here is advocating is the best person for the job. Nobody here is saying they agree with or condone the above.


Sweetly, as I’m buttercup, you have taken the health industry to try and prove a point, I’m still lost. Do you agree it should be the best person for the job or not. I’m sorry but it really is that simple. Otherwise you are discriminating against a person that in the employers opinion is better suited to the role they are looking to fill. Let’s agree to disagree, as you have your opinion and I have mine.


I’m arguing that the people who are deciding who is the best person for the job, are often very heavily weighed one way or another. Of course the best person for any job should be the person to get it. Their actually getting it is another thing entirely.


Very well said, this has been a potential or real factor in any society, but more subtle in the major ‘Western’ or first world countries, for a long time, and is the reason that some element of targetted biasing was introduced in terms of supporting minorities in areas of society that they do not seem to be represented in. It’s a difficult one, and the things done on the ground don’t always work of course, or go too far. Impossible to get it right but good reasons for trying.

By the way, as someone said above, Ken Hom has been another famous non-British, non-‘white’ TV chef in the UK. I haven’t heard of him in a while but he’s still listed as a BBC TV Chef. And let’s face it, Keith Floyd probably spent more time in, and had more in common with, France and West Cork than he did in or with the UK!


I’m not gonna name names but I know this bloke in London who turned 70 recently and has been blocked from the top job all his life. By a woman. And she only got the job cos her father died.


Best person for the job for sure but certain sectors of society will be more represented than others and that has gone for wealthier areas over poorer ones too to some extent down the generations, not just race or culture. Perhaps that has changed, I don’t know.


I’ve got shafted for jobs many many times and I’m a bloke.


As someone who has sat on public sector selection panels I find that extremely insulting. Taking HR law into account each candidate must be asked the same questions by a panel in every interview process.


Sweet Jesus.

I nearly yearn for the days in RedDubs when Mayo fans were getting dog’s abuse!

All this talk of women’s rights could begin to enlighten our women folk. Give them ideas above their station.



Have you made the tea yet?


I’ve been shafted by blokes for many ye…
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Never mind all that, what about some sort of hard bordther with the County Meath and Kildare? Coming here and taking our jobs, our women, our homes, our shpuds, and moaning about it all the while. Then more lately kidnapping and enlisting or press-ganging our girls, our boys, and even our Ressers, and resettling them abroad across the bordther.
I have had nightmares of a dystopian future where the sons and daughters of these refugees and slaves win Leinster and the All-Ireland for Meath and Kildare, all the while proclaiming their rabid devotion to the county of their birth or youth, and their hatred of what they proclaim as The Juggernaut Oppressor, with all their resources and unfair elite ascendancy advantages, as is the wont of many of the less than pure bred conflicted cultural and ethnic identity-challenged.

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