Political Correctness... Too far, or absolutely correct?


Very good. I actually laughed at that…no better way to get through a work day sometimes.


Point me towards all the Michelin stars Donal Skehan has, or Rachel Allen? (And I mean Rachel has off her own bat, not her mother in laws.) Or Nigella Lawson has? Or Head Chef gigs in restaurants?


Nigella is a journalist and was a restaurant/food writer/critic for a long time, she then released her first book which had over 300,000 copies so she was always going to be snapped up.

Rachel first went to Ballymaloe as an 18 year old to learn how to cook and later went on to teach at the college again she was always going to take after the in-laws into media.

I won’t comment on Donal as he needs a slap of a Dover Sole.

But please point me to some coloured chefs you think should be doing tv work ?


Exactly - nothing to do with her posh plummy voice, hubby, smouldering looks (steady), suggestive food preparation (or was that just me?), oh … and Daddy.


Please use a baseball bat instead.


I’ll respond when I’ve figured out how a well heeled, plummy voiced, daughter of a British lord and former Chancellor of the Exchequer could possibly be well connected enough to get a gig as a food journalist in the first place, when according to her Wikipedia page… “She was educated at several independent schools. She worked for many department stores in London, and went on to graduate from the University of Oxford with a degree in medieval history and modern languages. She lived in Florence, Italy for a time.”


Just as an aside, her Dad may as well have named her Wishyou’dbeenbornaboy Lawson with that name.


He wanted her to be a boy so he could call her after his favourite TV show … hence Nigel LA Law son


You mean like licking whipped cream off her finger as she stares into the camera?

She knows exactly what she’s doing.

And thankfully I’m having none of it. (Hhhmmmmmmm…)


You must have missed the bit about her career :wink:

Any luck finding any coloured chefs yet who would be able to fill a tv slot and write a book?


The UK is very different to here though. There is no way you can compare their colonial history, and their attitude to the ‘colonials’ that this history breeds, to the type of immigration that is happening here. The influx of immigrants into the UK were the result of both the severe labour shortage after the war and an obligation to look after their ‘subjects’. which resulted in large numbers coming in who often had a built in resentment of their hosts. Hopefully that isn’t the case with the majority of immigrants to these shores.
As for the high profile names getting the tv gigs, as others have pointed out, and as I alluded to, at the moment there just doesn’t seem to be chefs of the profile required, not just media profile, but industry wide. To suggest giving someone a show just because they are not Irish, is not a road we should be going down.


No. It woud seem the only people capable of boiling an egg in this country are all white.

You want me to point you toward a high profile, coloured/non national chef with a media career, that could do a decent job of hosting a TV show or selling loads of books. I can’t. Because I don’t know of any. RTE are too busy giving all those gigs to well connected Irish born, bred and buttered people. So you are kinda making my point for me.

I know plenty of people in the food business who would be brilliant at it, but they’ll never be given the chance to be the next Donal Skehan or Jamie Oliver, as they don’t fit the demographic of what the RTE suits think Ireland looks like.


I don’t know how many stars she has…I’d give her one :wink:


The eggs are all white or the people? What about the other yolks?


In fact eehhhh, Rusty Lee…



And Levi Roots…

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I think this is a good debate and explanation of the issue regarding JO and ?misuse of a famous cooking recipe/style. Is it cultural appropriation? Hard to know without knowing intentions etc. As Rusty Lee says above it’s a mistake in terms of purely culinary accuracy, seems somebody in the JO business is being at best cheeky and/or lazy or just mistaken in using that term on labelling. But given they are all about cooking and Jamie has been around a long time and is hugely well known and influential, they would know this was wrong.

By the by, I once went into a Jamaican takeaway in West London and got a Jerk Chicken dish. People in there looked a bit askance at me. It turned out to be the hottest thing I’ve ever tried to eat, and I did persist as I had a rake of beers hunger on me and it was very late.
Needless to say I suffered badly for it that night and the next morning. Disco inferno! :zap: :fire: :flushed: :grimacing: :tired_face: :hot_face: :wind_face: :tornado:


I’ll just leave this here, shall I?

No news reports on this by RTE themselves. Shockingly enough ! :wink:


That has been RTE forever in fairness