Political Correctness... Too far, or absolutely correct?


They shouldn’t have to in fairness.

But I get your point. They should be representing Travellers who just get on with their own lives without being a nuisance. Like the young ones I see on the bus on way to college and work in the morning, and the young fellas who used to hurl with club years ago. don’t think any of them - were all from same family I think - come down any more.

Pavee Point should do some research on what happened to some of the black advocacy groups in America. Instead of speaking for the majority who were making the best of things in difficult circumstances, many of them - cheer-led by the white university “radicals” - concentrated on the rights of criminals and psychopaths like George Jackson.


I already referenced her. Along with Madhur Jaffrey (who at 85, the BBC don’t seem exactly in a hurry to replace.) Even adding in AH, the diversity spectrum at the BBC, on cooking shows, & in the culinary media in general, is 95% white. The UK is not 95% white. That’s my point.

It’s all well & good inviting chefs from different backgrounds as guests on the Sunday morning cooking shows, the host is still generally white. The guy (or gal) with the book deal is still white. The guy with the media presence and doing press tours is still white. The guy being profiled in the Sunday Times is still white. The guy with his own line of sausages in Sainsburys is still white. The guy having media articles (such as the recent Jamie Oliver one) written about him is still white. The people with voices, with opinions, who the media are happy to facilitate voicing, are white.

There is a pattern here. If you’re white & the faces you see on your tellybox are overwhelmingly white too, you think nothing of it. It doesn’t even occur to you to question it. It all seems perfectly normal. But what if you’re not white? What if you have something to say that’s about something far more important than food? What then?


Sorry didn’t see that since you spelt her name wrong :kissing_heart:

Anyway who cares what colour their skin is once the show and what they’re cooking is decent. It’s a lot better than Donal Skehan cooking scrambled eggs and sticking it on a Dunnes bagel …


I really don’t get the Donal Skehan lad, at all. Lovely Mammy’s boy, he probably is, but after that?


What if the audience for crap cooking programmes is 95% white? It’s a business at the end of the day.


Should there be a racial quota for British sprinters as well as cooks? :grinning:


Or even lunchboxes.


Mods…maybe we can combine a few threads:

What if after Brexit, RTE sign-up a jobless Sammy Wilson to host a cooking show where he makes Coddle and Purdy Pudding.

He could use good Protestant spuds in both dishes and other non-E-UUUUU ingredients.


It’s easy for a white person to say who cares? You are not the ones under represented on the telly box?

Someone here posted that 1 in 6 people in Ireland now are foreign born. So a lorra lorra non “true Gaels” are buying groceries, watching television, buying books and DVD’s for Xmas presents, eating out, working as chefs, studying food science, training to be nutritionists, going to college in Cathal Brugha St etc etc.

But if you turn on your telly, or go to Easons to buy a cook book for them, who or what do you see… offerings from Mammys Boy Donal, Rory O’Carroll, Nevin Maguire, Kevin Dundon, Darina, Rachel & Myrtle Allen, Catherine Fluvio, Derry Clarke, or former athletes like Dervla O’Rourke & David Gillick getting a book deal on the back of their healthy grub shite hawkery.

RTE and TV3 aren’t exactly falling all over themselves to reflect the diversity you now see in every Irish supermarket. If the viewing audience is not as diverse as the acutal population, then you can change that (as you can in the UK) by putting on putting on more programs that will attract a more diverse viewing audience.

Par example, what Saturday morning cooking show on RTE is someone from Poland more likely to watch? A show hosted by someone from a Polish/Eastern European background, featuring ways to put a new twist on traditional Polish recipies… or Rachel Allen showing viewers how to make the perfect scone (as in moan :wink: ) for the 87th time this year, or yet another visit to Ballymaloe?

If I’m a young trainee chef in Cathal Brugha St from a Nigerian/Latvian/Filipino background, I wouldn’t be holding my breath that I’ll ever have a booming media career, a la some of those telly chefs mentioned above. If my niece or your niece wants to have one, she has a bloody good shot at it, based on who we currently see on our TV screens and in our book shops.

Which one of them is more likely to care about this issue, or be engaged by it, as they feel left out or marginalized? It ain’t my whiter than white niece, that’s for sure !


I’m sorry I started this now.

And I’m going to get lashed for this…


And not a single traveller cookery show in sight? Or a Muslim one? In fairness to ResDubs, we have recently discussed travellers renovating a hotel so we are not ignoring them entirely.


I get the point you are making about the current celebrity chefs that get exposure on the telly box in this country, but at the same time they are the high profile chefs in this country at the minute, so they are the names that will sell the ads that pay the wages. While the ethnic profile of this country has changed hugely over the last 20 years or so, the fact remains that, unlike the situation in the UK, the vast majority of ‘people that would identify as non Irish’ in the country are ‘first generation’, which will mean their influence on their new country would not be very strong, and by extension their profile will not be very high either. I’ve no doubt that in the next generation or two, which isn’t as far away as it sounds, this public profile will change. As it is I’ve already noticed a degree of diversity among the presenters on RTE’S ‘youth’ programmes, which would be a reflection of the first generation to grow up here. (although I wouldn’t usually see these programmes so it may have been a one off before people hop off me).
I’m all for inclusiveness, be that in work, schools, sport or any other walk of life, but I also believe that forced positive discrimination is a disaster, and generally undermines the achievements of, rather than helping any minority.
I’d be afraid that rather than encouraging inclusivity in this country, the easy option for our political leaders will become a case of ticking boxes and hitting targets to prove we are all hip and cool and allowing divisions and resentment to bubble away under the surface.


Polish folk are prob watching the polish version of Darina Allen on the Polish Version of RTE on their TV with the signal from the astra satellite or whatever it is now.

RTE are going to throw on the TV show that will get the highest number of viewers and in-turn will sell their advertising on the back of it.


Whoa…as in how to pickle a fermented cabbage?

I know people in glass houses and all…but this is just too far fetched.


There are lots of east European people in Tyrone - and it’s only this last 10 years or so that their kids are now coming up.

The kids are very involved in local clubs and during an end-of-year prize giving the other night - the chairperson had trouble pronouncing some of the surnames. Which is great to see and a sign of the times.

But it might take a generation or two before we see that reflect itself more on radio, tv etc.


Oh - thought you were talking about gender equality there.

I agree and think we are seeing and will see a lot more multiculturalism in life and on TV as time goes on - and it is great. I am sure we will have very non-Irish names winning Sam (and Liam) in the very near future. Mind you some lad’s head will explode because of that.

It’s not unusual to see lack of diversity in RTE - always the same heads. It’ll be a breakthrough when we get a few Northsiders in (Fair City rubbish aside).


A girl sat opposite me on the train one morning recently and took out a plastic container with what I think was something as above. I don’t think she was Irish. She opened the container, an action which in itself unleashed a malodorous attack on the senses. I need not mention any further detail on the ensuing munching.

Polish cuisine on TV etc no problem … but not on the train.


I wouldn’t be holding my breath. Look at the UK. They experienced massive immigration from their former colonies in the 1950’s in particular, but it’s not reflected in their cookery programming 50 or 60 years on. A lot of their emmigrants would be from their former colonies too, many of whom would be well capable of understanding and enjoying a cookery show that was broadcast as Bearla, unlike your Polish next door neighbour with his satellite dish.

As to the high profile names that get the telly gigs and sell the ads…which comes first the chicken or the egg? How do you get to become a high profile telly chef with a high profile media career, that companies will want to associate with and buy advertizing time on, if RTE/TV3 keep giving their programming slots to the same small stable of “traditionally Irish” faces and personalities?


Probably the most culturally diverse place up here is around the Ormeau Road…where I think BelfastDub lives near.

With the nearby hospitals, universities, proximity to city centre etc, a lot of non-Belfast people live there.

It has the highest count of political parties that contest elections…and ironically won by the DUP because the vote was so split


How many coloured people have senior chef jobs in the top hotels and restaurants in this country? Off the top of my head it’s zero.

How many coloured chefs are part of the ‘Panel of Chefs Ireland’ or ‘EuroToques’ and have represented Ireland and won medals? Off the top of my head it’s zero.

It’s not like the TV and publishers are not going near them I honestly don’t think there’s any out there that are at the standard.