Player watch


Glad to see Moore being mentioned. Always impressed when I see him. Only asked the other day if anyone knew his age. Is he in his prime or too old now to make a bow with Dublin?


He trained with Dublin this year. Good player but not inter county standard in my view. Good pace but I just don’t see his stick-work as being good enough.

Only players I’ve seen so far are Sean Moran, Jake Malone, Whitely , Winters and Ciaran Dowling. Colm Cronin derserves another shot as well

Sean Treacy is a lovely hurler but he’s small.

Gilroy has to get Mark Schutte and Danny Sutcliffe back. If he doesn’t then it’s going to be a long year in my view.

Con O Callaghan would absolutely transform the hurling team. He’s miles more talented then Dermot Connolly at hurling for example. But it’s just a crying shame he’s the best young footballer in the country as well.


He’s 26/27…


Am actually not sure what Mark Schutte would bring. On his day he can do a lot, but his touch / skill level seems to have dropped a lot over the Cunningham period. Even his catching seems to be mistimed, he is often in pole postion to win the ball and has his hand on it, but it doesn’t stick enough.

O Callaghan would get his place on the hurling team for sure, but he wouldn’t transform it like Danny would. He is very good, but he contributes more on a football field.


Schutte will be giving the football a lash next year I’ve heard.

Only joined the panel in April last year, so didn’t get a full preseason etc behind him.

Plans could of course be scuppered if Cuala go far into the Leinster and All Ireland series.


I don’t agree on con . He’s the best inside forward I’ve seen in Dublin . Haven’t seen anyone to touch him
You’re comparing two completely different hurlers in himself and Danny and in two different positions


Danny is going on his reputation now at this stage from 2013 and no guarantee he will get back to that level.

Remember he had a poor enough year the last season he was with Dublin.

Con is a special talent and plays a different position to Danny but Con is a type of player we need as he scores goals consistently from the inside line.


Anyone at the AHL 1 league final on Sunday? Anybody stand out there old or new?


Danny had a serious club season up top the final whilst poor county year in 2015.

his club form all through 2014 was incredible so a bit unfair to say that hes going on 2013 reputation.

given his personal application levels and attitude with any luck re injuries i would have no concerns regarding he being back as our main forward come championship 2018


Wasting his time. Won’t get within an asses roar of the team.


I agree fully Alan


Agreed, he’s delusional. Maybe Gilroy could coax JG into cutting him from the football panel in return for not taking Dermo :smirk:


Here’s the U.21’s Team from 2016 AI Semi-Final. Some have already been mentioned above. Would any of the rest make the step up?

DUBLIN: J Treacy; J Madden, E O’Donnell, C Hendricken; S Barrett, C Mac Gabhann, J Bellew; J Malone, M McCallion; A Jamieson Murphy, R McBride, E Conroy; S Treacy, S Ó Riain, C Bennett. Subs: C Boland, C O’Neill, P O’Dea, F Ó Riain Broin, E McHugh.


What sort of season did Murphy have with Na Fianna?


long term injury for latter part of it anyways.

to me hes worth working with and trying out when fit, his shooting can be errratic but he gets on some amount of ball in any game i have seen him play


Apart from the ones that have already featured, he is the next one I would look at. Actually I would have tried him already, but maybe the injury is what made him unavailable.


i believe the injury was later in season,

he was in with the squad early in the season and was cut as far as I know but that could off the mark.

I just feel he has an ability to gain a lot of possession through a game which can only be an asset


I think there is more to it then making the first 15 though. Making the 26 on that panel is a serious achievement. Also he has an All Ireland medal now (I think…), I would give my right arm (maybe literally) for an All Ireland medal, so I would actually back him in his choice.


Is that the game the forwards had to be shown how to shoot by the defenders ?
Enough said. Best players off that team are already on the panel in my view


I agree, I think he has what we are missing, someone who can hold the ball and take on a man and get a shot off also. Maybe this year was too early for him, but also being dropped by Cunningham is possibly more of a positive indicator then a negative one!