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He’s been asked onto the panel by every management to date as far as I’m aware


Daly asked him out for 21s trial that he couldn’t make at the time. Cunningham gave him a half in a blue stars match but didn’t ask him out after that.


I heard daly asked him out several times and he declined . I think he’s missed the boat myself but maybe not


You should sack them sources you have. He’s never declined to go out with Dublin senior hurling panel.
If he gets a chance I feel he’d make the panel and offer a lot with a full preseason behind him. We’ll have to wait and see what the next management does.


Thats interesting to hear, I thought he had been offered the chance before as well.


asked informally out by a middle man for the 21s under Dalys reign as a trial for for the senior set up which he didn’t take him up on.

I’ve seen it said on here plenty of times that he just refuses to go out, which is not the case at all.


Good to hear, hope he gets a chance then.


Since they came fyom the Dublin camp itself I’m very surprised .


How old is Moore from Vincents? Always seems to give solid displays


Apart from Ger Dodrill is there anyone who has been overlooked by the previous or someone who has not come through the development squad process and not played minor or U21 who is worth a look at in all your humble opinions?


Tom connolly wing back for vincents.


And who knows who he’d bring with him? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


God loves a trier!


A.quinn worth another look, had logistical issues last year but giller will sort it!


Paddy Smyth…Dublin minor hurling full back 2 years ago looked a good prospect…obviously last year was too soon(thanks Ger Cunningham for breaking his confidence) is he still hurling…he look a serious prospect back then. Dowling too from minor team 2 years ago…pace to burn playing senior with Lucan too. Daire Grey Whitehall too as someone else pointed out already has lots of attributes…actually reminds me of a young Peter Kelly


Paddy is still hurling.


Better then the current half backs ? I don’t think so


I think we are lacking mobility in the half back. Crummy and Rushe both lack a bit of pace I think you need someone else there who is mobile, can track back and can hurl. Definitely think he is worth a look. Barrett is athletic but really limited stick work and seems to just run into trouble.
Can Hendricken too looks to be a good prospect having see him in the u21 against Kilkenny


Good call on smyth, looked a very good player. Where Dowling play? Daire gray was on the panel this year I think.


Dowling can play midfield or wing forward…very quick and well fit to take a score