Player watch


Wouldn’t have any concerns about Danny getting up to speed. The guy is too good.


WE need to confirm he’s back first to be fair!


He made a big difference alright, moved to full forward didn’t he?


Danny will be back, no question.


Heard he’s back at Xmas, not just for a holiday.


Danny’s already back on home soil. Early suggestions are that he’d like to go back to the hurlers.


Hopefully fully focused too. Without Mark Schutte they have to get Danny back. It’s only when y0u look back to 2013 and look at the star players we had, we have a complete absence of that now


Is schutte definitely sticking with the football? Even if cuala were to win Leinster?


Would consider Seán Ó Riain from Setanta. Very good last year at 21’s and with club was with senior panel as well this year.
He’s certainly matured as a player since Fortune had him at 21s. Very strong in the air, and good ball winner.


He played very well for the 21s under Joe. Good player and a real target player. Very disappointed not see him feature at 21s this year.


Back a couple of weeks and training hard


Good stuff.


He was definitely off the pace in that u21 match


Another 3 points from play for Whitley yesterday.


Cian Boland was also a very promising U21, he has huge potential and is a good ball winner. Hopefully stays injury free.


Just get him injury free. He’s had bad run.


Along with twice as many wides…


Jesus wept the negative is strong these days. We might as well give up. Club hurling in Dublin is crap (despite having the reigning all Ireland champions) and young players in other counties don’t hit wides.


Whitley looks like a guy who could really benefit from some good coaching, has all the ingredients to make a top class forward.


And he won’t get it from inspector Oliver baker