Player Of The Year/Young Player Of The Year


It really only starts now tbh - everything to this point is shadow boxing. Now we’ll see who the real players are - the guys who will step up to the mark. The current hot fav has never done that in the past.


Poor Aido can never catch a break.


He’s so poor in contact for a big man at times it’s unreal .


Probably looking at his aib advert to much and actually believing that’s what happens.


If it was a row Keegan would probably win it, Cluxton for me.


Clux & Con get my vote …if I had one!!






Jack and con


i would have gone for that but i think cluxton will come out with all the high fives he is getting this year which is rare


As strange as it might sound Con 1/8 to win YPOTY is incredible value. If he didn’t play a minute on Sunday he would still walk it as the only competition he has is Mulgrew who was whipped off in the semi. Essentially buying money :slight_smile:


Double it up with Dermo to start … :wink:


If you were to back him not to start at 1/7 you need your head examined. 4/1 to start is a mad price because Scully definitely won’t. toss up between Flynn or Dc


As a wise man once said if you’re backing a 1/7 shot you don’t need the 1.


Unless ruby Walsh is the jockey . You might need the 1 then


Ciaran Kilkenny and James McCarthy are value at 16/1 for POTY. A big game by either on Sunday and you never know.


Can’t see beyond Moran if the players vote for it .Back in the day when the players didnt decide it , they never would have given it to someone sent off in AI final .That would have been a yellow for Lee before the black card so he might have been OK .
Con is nailed on for YPOTY .


Barring a disaster on Sunday (anything other than a Dublin win will constitute a disaster for me), I’m sticking with this prediction.


Id agree with this. If Mayo loose Moran will definitely get it on the sympathy vote regardless if he plays well or not.


I genuinely hope you are right, but the cynical ■■■■■■■ in me and the for the most case the bullshit that is the All Stars I can’t see that been the case.