Player Of The Year and Young Player Of The Year 2018


A natural pairing. Great engines, both. Howard, not the tallest but well able to outfield many an opponent.
I seem to recall a recent game - not sure how important - but a long, dangerous ball was sent into the Dublin goal area and Howard made a great catch against a vaunted opponent. :wink:


Can only see howard dropping back there in the years to come


Is that the one in which Howard was well above senor Fenton when he caught it? Howard judges the high ball as good as any player I’ve ever seen play


Was McCarthy not a converted MF at HB in the first place though?
Doesn’t he play midfield for his club? Or is that only in recent years? Where did he usually play on his way up through the ranks?


Why do we have to name our positions on these players? I mean essentially they are only in their positions for the throw in, after that it’s all very fluid!


Howard has some spring off the ground


“Kangaroofrog” dope. Tests can’t detect it yet. He’ll be lepping for years before they catch on.
The Aussies have been at it for years.


And it’ll be how the Mexicans get over Trump’s wall.


Would like to see Darren Gavin from Lucan Sarsfields given a chance. Think he was abroad this year. He was man of match against Galway in u21 AI final last year. Can’t see Emmet O’Conghaile or Shane Carthy(Naomh Mearnog) getting back in.


Darren Gavin a great choice, hope he is back and playing.


Your probably right but Bastic should be the inspiration to these lads. If there good enough and work hard the door will remain open


No doubting the lads. Both were probably brought into senior panel too soon? O’Conghaile went from straight in u21 and was on senior panel in 2012. Carthy went straight into senior setup in 2013


O’Chonaighle a prime example of a wasted talent. Could have easily been a hurler but was grabbed quickly by the footballers and now is neither.

Carthy has had enough of not getting his chance I believe.


O Conghaile was some footballer.


He had a good year at u21 in 2012 and done nothing after that. Seems to fade in and out of games at club level. I would like to seen him tried at Full Forward for Dublin.


Broadly agree but when he was being magnificent for the under 21s in 2012 he was only in his first year at the grade.

If some of these rule changes about the mark being allowed in the forwards came through he’d be as good as anyone at catching it over his head.


Unless the aforementioned rule change comes in, and even then, Jim’s style wouldn’t allow for a big FF. Only time would be if we were chasing a game. Interesting proposal though.

I do feel he simply has not lived up to potential though, for whatever reason.


Definitely hasn’t lived up to his potential, a few of the really highest rated guys from some of those years haven’t - don’t think anyone would have said Dean Rock was a better minor that Darragh Stapleton in 2008 for example. I guess not many saw Fenton better than Emmett in 2010/11. Happens for numerous reasons I guess.


Is Darragh Stapleton still playing with Lucan? Pity he left Pats Palmerstown.


When are these being announced?