Player Of The Year and Young Player Of The Year 2018


We’re never going to agree you say. And then you throw in gratuitous insult. I offered an opinion on the ability of player from another county.


You offered an opinion and then completely distorted what I had said.

We can agree that anyway.


What’s the evidence that Philly’s legs are in decline? I can’t recall any game this year where he was shown to have a lack of pace or that he could not keep up with his man. He’s arguably still our most attacking defender in the full back line so to say his legs are gone is a bit ridiculous!


You obviously can’t handle someone disagreeing with string view you have. Grow up & leave the insults out.


like I say, at least we can agree that you responded to a post of mine by distorting what I said.


@LtAldoRaine I find your contribution to this beyond ridiculous . You’ll get over your man crush on Clifford :wink:


Yup, man crush.


Howard was being talked of as POTY…should have been nominated imo…going by the fact he was possibly the next man up YPOTY should be a certainty…Clifford has been excellent this year no doubt…a shit team yes but not necessarily up front…howard and this is where I agree with @Dub09 came into an all conquering X3 in a row AI champs and not only looked like a senior county player his whole life did so in a number of positions…Clifford is no doubt excellent but for me Howard could win an All star and nominated for YPOTY from a number of positions…always came up with big plays when it mattered…CK as POTY for me


Think Mannion can count himself very unlucky not to be nominated. Of the 3 nominated it has to be Kilkenny for me.


Fenton for me. Best midfielder and one of the best all round players I’ve ever seen. He’s on track to be the best midfielder to ever grace a pitch.


The thing about Fenton is his consistency and understated excellence. Think back a little over four short years ago and we had some real problems with our midfield. He appeared in Round 7 of the league in Clones and marked his debut with 1-1 and his form hasn’t dipped since - including a MotM performance in an All Ireland final less than 6 months later. He now has 4 Celtic crosses and has never tasted C’ship defeat. His temperament is first class and he pops up with scores consistently. Pre his arrival Dublin struggled in the middle - it is no longer an issue and isn’t even mentioned - because of the genius that is Brian Fenton. He is a Rolls Royce footballer and already a legend.


Gold plated Rolls Royce footballer the indeed. Our most important outfield player. Personifies for me the standard that every midfield player has to get to.


And plays with a smile on his face.
Love the chap


Agree on Fenton, but not on your reflection on our midfield pre Fenton, I know it was always put in doubt, but MDMA and Bastick won almost all of their battles hands down , it was just that they were not a traditional pairing and that seemed to be a permanent cause for conern


@bigp. In 2014 we started with Cian in MF with MDMA. They were overran - like many of the team. Denis was already 33. That’s why Fenton’s arrival in 2015 was a godsend and that’s the point in making. Even as it is now we play a converted HB at MF and the fact that Brian F is his partner makes it an easier transition.


Don’t disagree but every year up to Fenton’s arrival our weak point was considered to be midfield, but in general one way or another we fared far better than was expected in most games


But by 2014 it was a real problem - DB was gone then.


Only saying that over the years before big games the midfield thing was regularly brought up, but yet our midfield in general answered the questions. That is not to say that the coming of Fenton was not important, but I think the management may still have found alternatives.


For a fella still so young in reality he never looks rushed, phased or takes a wrong option. It is madness to think what he does in a blue jersey in muck and shite of feb to top of the ground cruising in aug / sept. Form never dips. A pleasure to look at and show kids that this is the gold star mark to benchmark yourself against. One of the few players around that is worth entrance fee alone to watch what he does.


I’d say every team over the last 18-24 months has tried to get under Fento’s skin, also. Yet he remains calm and focussed.