Player Of The Year and Young Player Of The Year 2018


He was brilliant obviously.


I thought he was ok


If Jack McCaffrey was nominated for POTY despite playing no league and starting no Leinster games surely Howard will get YPOTY? Was best player against Donegal, Scully get the plaudits for the 2 goals. Best player against Tyrone, Dublin actually faded badly when he went off. Solid against Galway and good game in final. His fetch at the end in AI final when ball went in full back line summed what a great season he had and some fielder of the ball.


Well done.


Youve called Clifford out as the greatest forward ever! Wow that’s some statement / prediction. I compared his impact on the games he has played this year to the impact Geaney and ODonoghue have had on games. Nothing to do with their age or the age they broke thru on the Kerry team.

As for what Clifford has. He has size, two good feet and looks to be a very good finisher! What he doesn’t have is searing pace like Mannion, Con never mind the likes of Jack. If you happened to be in CP for the league game you would have seen clearly that he didn’t have the legs for Cooper or Philly. He will go through fellas rather than around him.

As said earlier would take Howard ahead of him if I had to chose between them.


Never mind Cooper, wait ‘till Murchan gets a hold of him😜


Personally I see Howard as clear winner, he had the advantage of playing two more games and made an impact in both, especially in the final.I would go for Fenton, but very close with CK and in this case I would have no argument were either to win, in saying that in the same way as people see Clifford as the media’s darling there is a bit of that about Jack too.


He’s easily the most likeable guy on the team from an outside view . That clip of him pissed at the winners table last year dispelled the view of the lads been emotionless robots . And if anyone can’t appreciate the runs he makes or the excitement he brings to the game , they may be better served watching something else .


True but as absolutely brilliant Jack was in the Semi Final and Final, he doesn’t deserve to win this year, which is not to say that he won’t win, I’d agree that he is a media favourite with opposition supporters liking him also

KIlkenny and Fenton hit the ground running in the first league game and never looked back. They were our best two players in the league and best two players in the Championship in all aspects of their play


Fenton. My clear winner. Most important player after cluxton.


Think David Clifford temperament is a bit suspect at times. He will receive same treatment as Connolly off the ball from opposition players but referees will protect Clifford more.


Think his studies seem to be a factor too, some folk seem to still have the medicine thing as being a bit above the rest, I mean you will rarely see an article on CK, Fenton or James Mc mentioning what they do, whereas almost every article on Jack mentions his studies, not Jack’s fault.


Id say there’s a higher respect there all right .
Shouldn’t be the case really , the work that Dean does is tremendous too but you hear very little about it as well.


Lads is there a full match replay anywhere on line?


Check the match thread. @whatever posted a link to the game there to be downloaded from dropbox.


You’ll have to show me where I called Clifford the greatest forward ever.


ahh to be fair Dean has been well documented with his work in Stewarts hospital. I wouldn’t know what a lot of the other lads do in general …


You stated that ‘he’s probably going to turn out to be the greatest forward of all time’


I was actually in Croke Park for the league game between Kerry and Dublin. To say that Clifford didn’t have the legs for Philly is pretty funny. Dunno if you’ve been watching Philly too closely but his legs are in decline, quite obviously. Still brilliant corner back. But if you can find one other poster who was at that game, and came away thinking the same about Clifford and Philly, I’ll be really surprised. Cian couldn’t get a hand on him early on.

The fella scored average 1-4 from play in 3 Super 8 games. That is incredible shooting, maybe even unheard of. In a shit team.

We are obviously never gonna agree, point of a forum, but some people are so one-eyed it just distorts their judgement . In my opinion.


Yes. But you said I called him the greatest forward of all time. Which I clearly didn’t . I said he might turn out to be. Do you understand the difference?
Would be pretty strange to call a 19 kid the greatest of all time.