Player Of The Year and Young Player Of The Year 2018


Highlights of the game are here
He scored a couple of goals and a nice point, but to say he took the piss is going a bit far. Minor final last year though, definitely.


I’ve always found it hard to take these awards seriously, but after the farce of last year and Cluxton not even getting an all star when he was in my opinion the footballer of the year is a joke. In competition with Clarke for the keeper jersey the argument was all about Clarke’s shot stopping, yet Cluxton made many big saves last year (penalty in semi final, Doherty in final). And his kickouts were on a different planet to Clarke’s. That decision was as scandalous as it can get.

They have no credibility and quite frankly are there to keep many of the country teams happy.


Couldn’t agree more. Howard the outstanding choice here, and can even feel aggrieved to not be in the POTY running. Howard should walk away with this award, but I’ll not be in the slightest bit surprised if the anti dub vote wins once more


Think Kilkenny will get it, even though personally my vote (if I had one) would be for Fenton.

While Jack was outstanding in the last two games of the season, if Player of the Year actually means of the “Year” then considering he didn’t play in the League and only played parts of games during the Leinster Championship, he did very well to be nominated at all. I’d have thought in the period January to September, James contributed more overall.

As for YPOTY it has to be Howard


which one …


Yet the Mayo defenders for a few all stars despite Clarke having to keep them in games.

To be fair - he had a heap of expectation on him this year and excelled for Kerry. A shoe in any other year that howard didnt come to the fore and play well all year and won a celtic cross.


I see they announced the minor team of the year today and Kerry’s Paul O’Shea is not in it. That’s as mad as Cluxton not getting the nod last year! There’s some barmy decision makers in our sports lads!


Agreed. And we have a player on the team despite not even making a Leinster semi final


He’s decent though apparently. Plays centre forward.

Every lad who ever played the game had a brother somehow better than him. Even lads who actually didn’t have brothers.


Agree with Rochey, Paul O Shea was magnificent in minor final. First cousin of David Clifford.


Mark Lavin did play decent for minors though. Free taker, nice player.


Disagree totally with this. All of it. To compare him with at this age o Donoghue who couldn’t make the Kerry team until he was 23 and Geaney who didn’t make it until he was 23/24 is irrelevant. Also, saying wait until he’s marked Cooper is fair enough with Jonnys pace could be offset by saying wait until he’s marked Cooper when he’s probably 5 inches taller than him.

And to say he has no pace…my god.

Brian went into a machine of a team who were and did beat all round them. And he was magnificent . But if the shoe was on the other foot, and Clifford was a dub we would all be lauding his outstanding scoring levels and general play. In a team who were shite. But had huge expectations on them. And on him.

Any other year that I can recall Brian would be winning this. And he might this year, but i think he’s just unlucky with this other lad this year. I think Clifford will win and I think he should.


Agree on this, Clifford is the real deal and was working with way less around him then what we have. He will be huge in GAA for the next 15 years. Will probably edge Howard here, but will be close, both deserving. Tyrone lad will probably end up winning it :joy:


Not disagreeing necessarily but on the flip side is it not equally remarkable that such a young lad could break into a machine of a team and not just hold his own, but excel.


Kilkenny for POTY for me

I think Howard deserves YPOTY but reckon Clifford will get it and I wouldn’t begrudge him.

As said above, I am past celebrating these awards for our players. It is farcical at times


And it’s always the demon drink and de wimmen that get them. Funny that ! :thinking:


Remarkable? Nonsense, sure Con did it last year.


So you can’t have a remarkable player come along two years in a row …


Sure they’re all remarkable so!


You don’t think what Brian Howard achieved this year is remarkable?