Player Of The Year and Young Player Of The Year 2018


Good chance we’ll win it so!

I see 12 players nominated from Dublin including Murcchan and Scully


I’d still be putting a cheeky fiver on David Clarke, just in case. :roll_eyes:


Brian Fenton for me. Howard all day too but Clifford will get it.


Only 12 for a team so dominant seems poor, when you consider KK got 14 in their pomp.


How can he get it?


Fenton for me


Fenton for me. Howard should get YPOTY but we know all know Clifford will get it :roll_eyes:


If anyone catches highlights on tg4 this week, Clifford was taking the piss in a club game against Dingle. Injury free he’s probably going to turn out the greatest forward of all time. He’s already the best minor. Beyond even a once in a generation talent.

Strong and obvious arguments for him and Brian to be Young Player but expect Clifford to get it, which really should not prompt too much moaning. Both had amazing years.


Rumour has it he has a younger brother that’s just as good as him - Paudi. But the temperament is not there.


Paudie is his older brother, played Kerry juniors this year. Anyone saying he’s even near the brother is pulling your leg.


Ok, fair enough so. Yeah, thought it was odd that the brother didn’t seem to make any waves on a national level, if he was that good, even if his temperament was a tad suspect.


Howard deserves ypoty


Howard will get it but don’t think anyone can complain too much either if Clifford got it.


I don’t think Kerry’s earlier than expected exit will work against Clifford . I imagine most will see Howard getting a celtic cross as enough . Howards cause wasn’t helped by the media wetting themselves over Clifford this year as well .If it was under the old system I’d say Howard might have won it .


I don’t know about that. If the roles were reversed there’s no way there’d be talk of Howard winning ahead of someone who won an AI and played very well in a final and rightfully so. If Clifford was from anywhere but Yerraland I think Howard would be a shoe in.


Clifford will win YPOTY. No doubt about that. I would love to see Fenton get POTY.


Both awards are by player votes. Howard should get Young Player but no chance he will win popularity vote! Clifford is a talent no doubt but Howard’s performances and achievements this year are streets ahead of what Clifford achieved.


Greatest forward of all time?? Bloody hell thats some prediction for a lad that’s talented alright but has no pace. Watching him try to chase Cooper / McMahon up the pitch during the league game this season was almost comical.

Will wait and see if he is the player to save Kerry. At this point don’t see him being any more dangerous than Geaney or ODonoghue when they were in decent form. As seen in last couple of years both have gone backwards.


Howard should get YPOTY for ‘that catch’


Clifford will have the expectations of a 37-time All-Ireland SFC winning county on his shoulders for the next few years. That is a huge burden for any young man. There is no doubting that he has the skillset but potential can only take you some of the way.