Player Of The Year and Young Player Of The Year 2018


Correct he had a great year. To be fair to him. I’d live to see berno have an Indian summer like that.


Keegan and Moran both had great years when they won their awards. The medals go to the best team.
POTY awards should be considered separately.
If players are gonna vote for them, maybe there should be no more than one player nominated from any county. Having two dubs against one cultchie spilts the vote and makes it harder for either Dub to win I think.


Poty and all stars in football are now token gestures to looser the value is gone and let them have them. The Cluxton embarrassment was the last straw for me


Apparently the age of YPOY has changed according to all betting agents as I tried to put Brian Howard as YPOY at the start of the year and they told me he was too old.


I was told they were not doing betting on it, no sign of it on the Paddy power app etc, got Ciaran Kilkenny at a nice 15/1 back in Jan though


I don’t think it means anything to us fans but I’d say the players probably think differently .If your not in with a shout winning an AI I’d say it has some value at the end of the season .Obviously our boys probably aren’t bothered at this stage as the Celtic cross is the bigger prize . But I’d say back in the day Berno was delighted with his POTY award .Id say it meant alot to MDMA as well in '13 considering some think he’s very limited skill wise .


On merit, I think the following players should be nominated for POTY

Ciaran Kilkenny, Brian Fenton, Jack McCaffrey

Jack or Howard is a toss up but I think Howard being be in the running for YPOTY would shift it to Jack ( who was MOTM in both semi final and final)

If they put in mcManus or Cavanagh ( who was very poor on Sunday and should not be in the running) in for Jack, then I wouldn’t be suprised if the terrible voting system where players decide could actually give one of them a shock vote, which of course would be ludicrous. Neither of them should be in the running in the first place


Cavanagh wouldn’t make any Top 20 imo - that’s being generous.


I wouldn’t be giving this any notice. Final straw for me was Cluxton not getting an All-Star last year despite him having, in my opinion, his best ever season in a Dublin jersey. The All-Stars and Player/Young Player of the Year have become something of a joke to the extent of players getting the pity vote by other players that have a gripe/agenda against this Dublin team.

Our lads will probably never get the adulation & recognition they deserve outside of Dublin. Which is fine by me, as they will go down as legends inside of Dublin :slight_smile:.


The award is only really meaningful if the players covet it. Player of the year id imagine is a toss up between Kilkenny and Fenton. I think Kilkenny will get the award but imo Fenton should win it.


If all three noms aren’t Dubs , theyd seriously want to have a rethink how these are selected .
No fucking around this year please .


There were 2 other Dubs nominated the year Jack won, weren’t there? Berno & Philly if memory serves. So it’s happened before.


Cluxo was my POTY last year


I know people feel Clifford’s name is written on YPOTY, but I honestly don’t see how they can’t give it to Howard, He was in the running up to the end of the super 8s and then put in two top class performances in the 2 biggest games of the year. If voting stopped after the supers , well it would have been a close one, but now he should stroll it


What is the criteria for YPOTY? Someone was telling me last week the rules have changed and it would rule Howard out?

Howard is YPOTY (assuming he qualifies) all day long, should be on the shortlist for POTY.


No the rules remain the same … fcuk all chance of a Dub winning …


My opinion hasn’t changed

POTY - 1st Fenton - 2nd Kilkenny (Although it’s close)

YPOTY - 1st Howard - 2nd Clifford


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No danger of split votes this year lads! Right call with 3 Dubs being nominated.