Player Of The Year and Young Player Of The Year 2018


If Howard has a great final, it would be hard to see how a player that didn’t make the semis would get the award ahead of him. If the award was to be given tomorrow, well yes Clifford would shave it, but a big final from Howard and how do you deny him the award, well I know how, but…


Its the players voting though . The same guys that gave it to Leeroy & Andy.


Players that are in NY, Boston… for the last 3 months not watching a bit of football will vote for whatever media darling/ campaign is in vogue.


It will be a mixture of a protest and I couldn’t give a bollox vote.


So that’s why Dermo went stateside, he’s running the US part of the campaign to get Howard YPOY :rofl::rofl:


The sunday game the night of the final with the BIG panel will be a big influence.


Right after discussing splitting Dublin in two and how the Dublin Footballers are the harbinger of death for Inter County football.


Defenders rarely get a mention for Player of the the Year. We have six excellent starting defenders, and probably only Jack will get a mention because he attacks more.


And because they see the good doc as a nice role model.
Philly deserved it the yrar Jack got it and Dermo should have at least a couple.


McManus prob get POTY… they won’t want to vote for a Dub or Tyrone player… We will then be listening to “A Dub didn’t win it because they don’t express themselves and stick to process” blah blah blah

If Jack has another big game, he might be a shout despite starting champo late due to injury…


Annoyed me no end at the time but I would rather Sam than celebrating POTY… I am sure the players are the same!


They simply can’t bring themselves to do it .And because of how it works now the only way i see it happening again is if three dubs are nominated .

Have a look at the list for the last 15 years

Andy Moran
Lee Keegan
Jack McCaffrey
James O’Donoghue
Michael Darragh MacAuley
Karl Lacey
Alan Brogan
Bernard Brogan
Paul Galvin
Sean Cavanagh
Marc Ó Sé
Kieran Donaghy
Stephen O’Neill
Tomás Ó Sé

Bar Bernard in '10 , it went to a player from the winning AI team . Now since this new format was introduced in '16 we are seeing a trend where it’s the flavor of month when it comes to picking the winner .Fenton probably would have won it under the old system but there’s such a sympathy vote surrounding mayo that it went to Andy & Lee . I believe had it been a media vote it might have been different the last two years . There’s no a hope in hell Leeroy would have won it had he been a dub . Because people would cast a different eye on his antics had he been matched up against Mayos most talented player , not that they have anyone in the same league as Connolly .




Im not disputing the two boys had fine seasons but the outpour for Mayo the last couple of years has definitely swung these votes . Connolly sealed Keegan’s win with the voters because of players dislike of DC . Its bollix tbh , Fenton should have won it IMO . Last year was maybe more clear cut but when you have the likes of Clarke been nominated , i draw the line there . If they are going to gift Moran with one then Cluxton should be given one too .
Was talking to a pal in Parnell’s & he reckons Stephen will stay on if we win Sunday week to try for the five . I think he wants to go out on a high like Al Brogan . How he hasn’t won a player of the year , let alone missing out on a few All Stars is criminal considering the impact he has had on the game .


I actually think Cluxo deserved POTY last year, closely followed by Fento and Dean… thought Dean was superb last year… Cluxo didn’t even get an All Star!!


I thought James Mc was unlucky not to win it last year and has been our most consistent player since 2011. How he only has 2 all stars I’ll never know


I wouldn’t worry , they’ll only be talking about Clarke for all the wrong reasons in 20 years time unlike Stephen.


Let’s be honest no one will remember him, Stephen is immortal in footbal history


Keegan deserved it the year he won FOTY, all time great.

How Andy won it is outrageous, when the fat was in the fire in most matches he was sitting in the stand coz he was tired.


Without Moran they wouldn’t have made it anywhere near the AI final…he was in with a shout that year I felt…