Pet Hates


People worrying about how they will be identified after they are vaporised and eviscerated following a plane crash.


Ah, but what if the flight is about to depart and Mr Arse Biscuits needs a little bit more time to sort him self out, than the average person does when they have an unfortunate accident with a ping pong ball? Given the size of airports and the shopping malls you have to navigate thru just to get from A to B, never mind from check in to your gate, you’d be amazed at the numbers of people who get lost - or sidetracked in the bar - along the way. My

Dad is ex Aer Rianta. We heard ALL about the sorry ass fcukers at dinner time. And that was 30 years ago, when airports were a fraction of the size they are now. :roll_eyes:


Sez the man who started a thread about Glasnevin Cemetery. :rofl:




I think Pet Hates is different! I meant small things that annoy you!


People who lose all common sense when they get to the top of the queue for airport security. They’ve just spent a couple of minutes in the queue watching people take everything out of their pockets, remove their laptops from their bags and take their belts off and they still get to the top of the queue and stare blankly at the security person and hold up the whole show. They’re also usually the ones who use about 4 trays for their items. Airport security have some patience, I’d be slapping someone around the head at least once a minute if I was working there


When I worked in the club bar, people that order a pint of guinness after you’ve gotten all their other drinks - use to annoy the heart out of me!


Unrelated. But what height are you?


Only bleedin massive.


Ah, you don’t count in that regard. You’re not small. :wink:


Stop robbing my gags …


Ha… just read your previous reply.


So THIS is what online bullying looks like? :rofl:


Shut up, shorty!


yisser all midgets


Your ma! (Or da…Or someone!)


Compared to you!


What do dwarves and midgets have in common?

Very little


I can not stand when journalists describe a defendant as ‘a mum of five’ or ‘a dad of three young boys’ or whatever. It’s irrelevant.


Or insist on saying things like “A transvestite 35yo…” or “a homosexual 23yo…” and whatever the story is when it’s got absolutely nothing to do with the actual story. In that case why not always say “a heterosexual man/woman…” for every story involving heterosexual people??