Pet Hates


Did you get someone to go in and buy it for you? I really don’t think I could … but if I could get someone to …


But if you trim them will they not continue to grow thicker and faster, whereas plucking will eventually exhaust their roots?


Just go to Boots in the Jervis Centre. Go upstairs to their second floor. There you will find an “electronics” section. There will be an entire range there and you won’t have to talk to anyone to make your selection and get one.

But There’s no need to be shy about it - they’re very popular - especially at Xmas. If you ask the staff for them, they just casually point them out to you as if it was a toaster or shaving kit you were looking for. Alternatively, I’m sure you could order them from Amazon online.


There is that age old question - to pluck or trim. But I haven’t noticed any increased growing. Nor have I heard any complaints about that happening. As I was saying above, they’re VERY popular these days. GQ or one those men’s mags did a big review of them recently. Some of the prices they go up to are eye-watering. But about 30 euro will get you a basic one with various heads that’ll do the trick, quickly, neatly and painlessly. Don’t worry about it growing back bigger and messier. You’ll have implemented it into your skincare “regime” and you’ll be trimming away every two weeks out of pure habit - so there’ll never be an irritating hair out of place again. Trust me - it’s a game changer.


Nice one! The above always reminds me of that story where you are daftly told if you are stuck out at seas in a small boat not to drink sea water as it makes you more thirsty. But so what - there is loads of it!


I d say ohm would do it for you. You are his hero.


I don’t think @Roman said they were in the ohm appliance section




Sounds great. Would it work on the auld ballsack? :wink:


Being given loads of different options when phoning a public office or any other place and none being the option you want.


Yeh that drives me demented, Billy to Jack and back again, ages on call-waiting, confusing options, and then somebody cuts you off when transferring or putting you on hold.


Or online where you are sent on a loop that never ends up at a contact number, as there isn’t one!


Clear policy going back a long time now to cut out the cost-heavy element of actual human interaction in any sort of retail or service situation.

Which reminds me, I recently did a flight with Virgin Airlines, four hours, no free meal or snack. They served the minority who pre-booked meals, then cleared up from that, and only then, an hour later, did they come around with the “retail trolley” to allow you the luxury of paying about 12 or 13 euro for a sandwich and a drink.

They don’t (as almost no airline does anymore) offer you a choice of where to sit if you haven’t purchased a seat. When I found myself by a window, and could see there were going to be free aisle seats, I asked the staff on the plane if I could take one of the aisle seats. “You can once the flight has taken off and cruising”. I sat there for the 30-45 minutes of delay while they sorted out about something, literally stewing that this sort of policy was deliberate.

To put the tin hat on it, and we’re talking about a relatively smaller plane here, airbus or similar, only the (eight or so) business class passengers could use the toilets up the front of the plane. This discovered during meal/trolley service when the aisle leading to the back of the plane was well-blocked, I was nearer the front, and then there was the queue. Enough to make the blood boil. Especially when you think that marketing gurus and their ilk earn their probably very good pay packets coming up with this shit and drilling it into their staff. It’s a tough business but the more it goes like this the less I will opt to travel. I can’t afford anything better than economy travel but flying has become a right pain in the hole.


Is people staying in their assigned seat (until after take off) not standing operating procedure across all airlines, not just the cheapo ones?


Maybe it is but I’ve never been met with that sort of obstruction and Nazi-ism before when the flight was not even nearly ready to take off, yet everyone was on board and clearly still other seats available. There was no announcement yet for the staff to get everything ready, and there followed a further half hour of delay while they dealt with the bags of someone who didn’t show up for the flight. Allegedly. There has to be common sense, my impression is that Virgin want to make it as difficult as possible for anyone who didn’t purchase a seat to make a change.


I get ya. But if the plane crashed after take off (which is when most crashes occur) they can ID you correctly (or what’s left of you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ) from where you were sitting.

Imagine if they thought you were from Kerry, based on where you were sitting, as the poor sap who should be sitting there missed his flight? Heavens ta Murgatroyd !


Doesn’t bare thinking about. All those All-Ireland celebrations and glory baskings stripped away in one cruel instant. “He was merely a Kerry gaelic football fan on his way to watch the World Ping Pong Championships in Bangkok, in his Kerry jersey of course. Of which no traces were found. Nor of the ping-pong balls…”

But sure lookit, all their records will state who was on the plane. If there’s a crash to the extent that people are killed, but not to the extent that identification is merely by seating records, then you will still be identified by your remains, no matter where you were sitting. If that’s not possible, they will hardly have any seats or much else remaining to show who was where and thus identify them!
Anyway as I say, I’ve never had a problem moving seats before the flight took off before.


Creating unnecessary threads on this forum when there is already the “Get It Off Your Chest” thread, @Iomaint. :wink:


I get ya. I have often switched seats before take off too. i just do it. I rarely ask permission from the cabin crew. I think they know they are not supposed to agree to pre take off seat moves. The reality is they ususally do as they are facing into 10 plus hours of hell on their feet & they are already picking their battles as to who they want to get into it with, long before take off.

Methinks the assigned seating is also a security thing linked to your checked in bags. They need to be able to see who has checked in what, who owns what, who is travelling with who on the same booking and, who is going to get their bottoms smacked as their entire travelling parties bags have to be offloaded, because the poor fool from Ballygomearsebiscuits (who has never previously travelled further East than Macroom) had an unfortunate accident with a misplaid ping pong ball in the Bangkok airport jacks, after he checked in his bags.


That’s why they have that magic wizard thing called ‘announcements’. “Will Mr. Ballysureallivegotleftintheworldisthefireside please make yourself known to the attendant”. (Which he will already have done of course, especially after they couldn’t find his name on his passport, nor fit it on the boarding card.)