Pet Hates


Like what?

They record calls so they can QA their employees performance & to have a record of what was said on the call if it’s ever disputed.

Why else do you think calls are recorded?

And is Jim Corr watching us have this conversation? :male_detective:


That’s exactly it. They are recording it to have it to hold over you. But would they permit you to record calls to them? I preferred the world where this did not happen. It is a pet hate of mine. It does not have to be a pet hate of yours too!


Hold over you? What do you mean? It means they can prove what was (or was not said) on a call. That works both ways. I once had a call centre pull a call recording, listen back to the call & I got a full refund because the twit who processed the original transaction made a mistake. The recording of the call was the proof.




Thought all landlines now basically come free with internet packages?


Theres about a €7 difference between broadband on its own & broadband with a landline . So its not worth your while just getting the broadband as a standalone product .I was more talking about the line rental which is not advertised in your bill but was in the past .
Its a racket .


[quote=“Iomaint, post:122, topic:4046, full:true”]
They are recording it to have it to hold over you. But would they permit you to record calls to them? [/quote]

Most Companies message starts with “calls may be recorded for…” depending on the way you understand that statement it can mean

  1. They are informing you that they are recording the conversation


  1. They are giving you permission to record the conversation

under Irish law permission must be given before a phone call can be recorded so when I hear the “calls may be recorded for…” I take that as the company giving me permission (calls “may” be recorded) to record, which I do record, rather than they are informing me calls may be recorded (which implies they are recording).


Fair enough. So when the provider says the deal is say 60 Euro a month if you take the landline, 70 if you don’t (worded as some sort of “special offer” when you either sign up or renew), you’re saying that the cost of the landline is actually taken anyway somehow?


Yeah , that’s it . They’ve creatively managed to weasel the line rental now out of your bill .
Cheeky swines.


Ok, call me thick but if I’m getting it all for 60, when previously I was paying 70 for, say, just internet and tv, how is that they’re getting more out of me?


My beef is the ommission of the line rental part .
Actually have to pay for the rental of the line . Which they now don’t list as part of the bill but did in the past . I just wanted the broadband . In my opinion it should be cheaper in ireland .


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