Pet Hates


Damm straight !


It was me on my motorbike.


Nasal hairs - growing thicker and faster, the little f@cking c*nts.


Lovely … fuckin lovely. Scone gone in the bin after that one …


Don’t pluck them it encouraages the deckers. Same with ear hairs. Sign of aging when the barber starts trimming them lol


I was led to believe trimming them maid them grow faster. Plucking them eventually leads to them dying away?


A scone ! Ya bleeding oul one ya.


I bet he pronounces it scone/gone too. The rest of us perfectly normal folk go down the scone/moan road. But oh no, those la dee da Glasnevin heads have to be different.


Yeah the same in the barbers… will I trim yer Eyebrows? You throw him a Clint Eastwood special. Scowl. And say ya might as well…


I got eye brows and ear hair trimmed but have yet to be asked if I want my nasal hair trimmed in my local barbers.


Idiots who call themselves GAA supporters, who call for a back card for non-black card offenses!!!


Is there any other way?


Yes.The correct way.


People who jump up out of their seats as soon as a plane comes to rest and then look all anguished when they are tired still standing there ten minutes later!!! Have you never flown before??? :rage::rage:

Also, people who put small stuff in the overhead, despite constant announcements not to, causing the big fuss while people look for room for their specific sized carry-on cases…


100% agree - or calling for a black card in hurling - another thing creeping into the game is players waving imaginary cards after been fouled!


Fastest cake in the world?

  • makes ZZ Top hand gesture…



You’re watching too much of The Undateables.


Only to see how you’re keeping.


They lost hope for me on the screen test.


Cutbacks maybe?